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iRiver launched 2G Portable Media Player in the US - Mp4 Converter August 30,2006

iRiver announced it's now shipping a 2GB version of its T10 portable media player in the United States. It's an attractive and ergonomic por..

BBC plans digital radio device for iPod music player- Mp4 Converter August 29,2006

"The BBC is to develop a plug-in device that turns MP3 player..

Portable Microboards GX-1 CD/DVD burner - Mp4 Converter October 1,2006

 While Mac users often get shut out of cool, albeit somewhat useless, accessories, the portable Microboards GX-1 will potentially fill ..

Skardin released its portable media player HT-250 - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

 Skardin makes an entrance into the portable media player market with the HT-250. This portable media player boasts a 2.4" TFT col..

Display Problems Caused the Delay of April 13,2006

I bet that majority of iPod fans must become impatient, because for a long time they have got rare news about the true video iPod. But Think..

The Successor of Viliv P1--Viliv P2 PMP to Launch, portable media player - Mp4 Converter April 19,2006

We have ever told you about Viliv P1, portable media player, now is sold very hot in the US market, Viliv company declared they will introdu..

Samsung Wins the Deal of iPod Chips - Mp4 Converter April 26,2006

It's revealed by one of Samsung's executives that Samsung company had awarded the contract to supply chip processors for next generation iPo..

Neonumeric is working on NTG-1 portable media player - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

French company, Neonumeric (what kind of an odd company name it is?), has been working on the NTG-1 portable media player. It has a boatload..

First Media Centre Supporting Blu-ray Discs - Mp4 Converter May 16,2006

AMEX Digital, Hong Kong-based PC provider has shown off the world's first Blu-ray Media Centre.

The MPC-505 is Int..

Apple introduces new iPod shuffle - Mp4 Converter September 14,2006

With the release of new iPod nano, Apple also updated the iPod shuffle. The new iPod..

Sony won't cut the price of upcoming PlayStation3 in US - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

"Sony Corp. has no plans to cut the price of its upcoming PlayStation 3 vid..

iLuv i180 video recorder for your video iPod, iPod dock - Mp4 Converter July 7,2006

 It is not easy to get video, especially unofficial videos onto your video iPod player. Now this new device iLuv i180 video recorder ma..

New PMP from Toshiba Gigabeat MEV30K V series portable video player - Mp4 Converter September 25,2006

Toshiba announces the release of the Gigabeat MEV30K V series portable video player

Apple Releases new, non-silhouette iPod + iTunes ad - Mp4 Converter March 16,2006

Different from its previous well-known series of "silhouette"ads, Apple Computer this time released a new iPod +..

Logitec released the LDS-Ri700 iPod speaker dock - Mp4 Converter August 25,2006

Given that the WWDC was pretty much a flop for anything iPod or portable media related, we present to you more and more iPod accessories to ..

Dcube Mvision introduced an HD DivX player - Mp4 Converter October 31,2006

Bypass the Blu-ray and HD DVD "revolution" altogether with the Dcube Mvision, an

DS-A2 Remote Interactive iPod dock comes from Onkyo - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

Onkyo just introduced an Apple iPod accessory, DS-A2 Remote Interactive Dock for the iPod music player. This Apple iPod dock is the successo..

Neovision iFusion enables you to display 3D video on PMP - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

Are you dream of watching videos in 3D on your PMP? Maybe this is exited news for those who have this dream. Neovision pla..

High iPod sales booms iPod repair industry - Mp4 Converter September 20,2006

With Apple projected to sell 40 million Apple iPod players this year, some of t..

Cowon D2 portable media player will hit the market - Mp4 Converter October 31,2006

 South Koreans celebrate Harvest Festival Day a few months before Americans baste turkeys for Thankgiving, the holiday's U.S. equivalen..

Samsung unveils 8GB music smartphone - Mp4 Converter March 8,2006

Samsung, South Korean Consumer Electronics Giant, has just unveiled its latest smartphone SGH-i310.It is said to be equipped with 8GB HDD, c..

Axes VP8360-B/100 portable media player, new PMP from Axes - Mp4 Converter July 7,2006
The VP8360-B/100 portable digital media player from Axes Corporation comes with an astounding 100GB of storage space, putting the 60GB
Macally IP-A480 external li-ion battery for your iPod - Mp4 Converter July 13,2006

 When you enjoy with your iPod, the short life of the battery may make you disappointed. Especially when you view the iPod video, the p..

Disney sells nearly half million movies via Apple iTunes Store - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

Walt Disney Co. said Thursday it has sold nearly a half million films through Apple Computer's iTunes store since announcing the distributio..

Jobs announces Apple TV - Mp4 Converter August 13,2007

During Tuesday’s Macworld Expo keynote, Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave the set-top box that streams multimedia content from your computer t..

Kingston K-PEX PMP is available now - Mp4 Converter August 14,2006

The Kingston K-PEX PMP, which debuted ea..

iPod will turn into portable high-definition video player - Mp4 Converter August 1,2006

"In about five months, you'll be able to watch high-definition video

Soloist Universal Media Dock is compatible with iPod - Mp4 Converter August 14,2006

 Introducing the new Soloist Universal Media Dock for the latest generation of SIRIUS Satellite Radio plug-and-play receivers. This bea..

Claro launches QTek 9100 Pocket PC Phone Edition in the Brazil - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

Mobile operator Claro, working in a partnership with Microsoft and HTC, is launching the QTek 9100 Pocket PC Cellphone Edition in the Brazil..

iStyles provides new collection of skins for video iPod and iPod nano, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter August 29,2006

iStyles has announced an update to its collection of skins for the iPod Video and iPod nano. The iPod skins are based on character themes ra..

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