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Hasbro introduces Mini Media Player - Mp4 Converter November 8,2006

Hasbro just produced new Massively Mini Media Player for those kids who think that iPod music player does not suit them while the Mickey Mou..

Brando bring MP4 watch to you - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

Have you ever heard the MP4 watch which was introduced by Anlong several weeks ago? Now Brando brings you the MP4 watch with time function. ..

i.Beat P!nk digital audio player - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

Punk-pop singer P!nk has made her way onto another consumer electronic. And this time it's not one made by Sony, who already released a pink..

Microsoft Zune player HiFi dock from November 8,2006

 It's only been a few days since we brought you the first Microsoft Zune player review and a look at Zune accessories and now we bring ..

Microsoft brings TV programming and movies to Xbox 360 game console - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006

Microsoft has struck a deal with several networks to bring TV programming and movies to the Xbox 360 game console. Programming from CBS, MTV..

Elecom released iPod speaker dock ASP-P100 - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006

Still having problems choosing out the perfect dock for your beloved iPod music player? Here, allow me to throw another iPod speaker dock in..

Nvidia acquires iPod chipmaker PortalPlayer - Mp4 Converter November 8,2006

Nvidia is buying PortalPlayer, Apple's supplier of the MP3 decoder and controller chip that goes inside your Apple iPod player. Well, the ha..

Disney plans to release Pirates of the Caribbean on Apple iTunes Store by Christmas - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006

Disney has confirmed plans to release hit movies 'Cars' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' through Apple iTunes Store US by Ch..

128 MB MP3 player FP3 for kids - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

Fisher Price, the plastic toys manufacturer would like to lead the kids into a wonderful digital audio devices world with ..

4Nike+iPod Sport Kit shows off -- Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

Apple Computer is in the process of shipping the first of its wireless Nike+iPod Sport Kits that will allow Nike+ footwear to talk with an i..

A few video iPods infected by Windows virus - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

 Here is a piece of official information from Apple that a few video iPods are infected by Windows virus RavMonE.exe. Apple reports tha..

Alarm clock integrates with iPod, iPod dock with alarm clock - Mp4 Converter August 21,2006

Excalibur Electronics unveiled its iBlaster an AM/FM alarm clock which is compatible with Apple iPod. Along with it there is an infrared rem..

Another cool iPod dock-Fatman iTube, Apple iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter June 30,2006

The Fatman iTube is a dock compatible with all Apple iPod player except the iPod Shuffle player. The Apple iPod docking portion reminds me o..

Analyst predicted that Apple iPod growth will continue around 30 yearly - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

Despite increasing talk of market saturation, analysts for PiperJaffray said Tuesday they believe Apple Computer's iPod growth will continue..

4GB Portable Media Player from Meizu Miniplayer M6, new PMP - Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

The Meizu Miniplayer M6 is a pretty cool portable digital media player with its slim and extremely portable form factor. The Meizu Miniplaye..

Advanced Technetix introduced an iPod remote with one-line LCD - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006


Advanced Technetix, whom nobody has ever heard of, is releasing a "visual" iPod remote. Visual meaning the remote p..

Analyst predicts Samsung may be the chip provider of 2G iPod shuffle player - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006

After reviewing a teardown of 2G iPod shuffle player, analyst Craig Berger predicted that Samsung may be the chip provider of 2G iPod shuffl..

1080p upscaling DVD player the Helios H4000 DVD player - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

For our money, this is the sexiest 1080p upscaling DVD player that we've seen in a long time. The Helios H4000 DVD player can product 1080p ..

4GB Cowon iAudio portable digital audio players are coming - Mp4 Converter October 30,2006

It looks like November won't just be about turkey and cranberry sauce this year. Crave, CNET's gadget blog, just received word that Cowon Am..

2G iPod shuffle player hits the market - Mp4 Converter November 2,2006

The second generation iPod shuffle player first showed its appearance at the Apple Showtime event together with the new iPod nano player. Si..

700 TV model from Archos is coming -- Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

A month after launch of its 404,504 and 604 portable players, Archos unveil its forthcoming 700 TV model. It is a pretty portable player whi..

Another in-car iPod accessory: MobileTune FM Transmitter, iPod FM Transmitter - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

Speck Products has released yet another in-car iPod accessory with the MobileTune iPod FM Transmitter. This device allows your iPod to tune ..

All-in-one Portable digital media player V191 comes from China - Mp4 Converter November 8,2006

While there are plenty of all-in-one DAP/portable digital media player/gaming units out in the Chinese market, the V191 takes it to another ..

6GB lilOne comes from Venzero - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

If you think the 8GB Venzero One is both huge and expensive while the MiniOne has too small a capacity, Venzero has the lilOne device that a..

2G iPod nano case Aluminum N2 - Mp4 Converter November 8,2006

PodsPlus announced on Monday that its latest case for the second generation iPod nano player, the Aluminum N2, is available for pre-order. T..

Amazon plans for ad-free video service to compete with iTunes - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006

Amazon is preparing the launch of its ad-free video download service in mid-August with a subscription service, as well as individually pric..

Amazon's movie download store to compete with Apple iTunes - Mp4 Converter October 9,2006

Amazon's own movie download store and iTunes competitor has just launched. Amazon offers full length movies as well as TV shows, with shows ..

A new member of LG's Chocolate brand LG M810 - Mp4 Converter October 9,2006

LG's Chocolate brand got a new member LG M810 cellphone. This LG M810 cellphone is not a slider phone, so you have more choice for Chocolate..

A Rumor disclosed on April Fool's Day? Concerned iPod Video - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

Close on the heels of analyst indications that Apple may bring forth the rumored Video iPod on April 1 comes news from AppleInsider that App..

Aigo F029 watch a special media player, MP3 player - Mp4 Converter August 30,2006

This is the F029 watch from Aigo. It is a little different from the average audio MP3 player watch out there because it has a full color OLE..

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