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Archos 104 portable digital media player will get large storage capacity - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

Just last March Archos bestowed upon this DAP-loving world of ours the 104 portable digital media player, a 1GB flash-based digital audio pl..

iTunes 7.0.2 supports 2G iPod shuffle player - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

Apple issued iTunes 7.0.2, which adds support for the 2G iPod shuffle player that is available in stores on Nov 3. In addition, it "add..

Watch NCAA Tournament on iTunes - Mp4 Converter March 14,2006

Basketball fans must be very interested in it ! Because they could watch NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship fro..

iTunes software updated to version 7 - Mp4 Converter September 13,2006

The iTunes software has been updated to version 7 which has new album and cover browsing views. Now the iTunes 7 has List view, Album view a..

Sony is planning for its video Walkman - Mp4 Converter November 5,2006

"Sony Corp. said on Thursday it is developing a video-capable Walkman, playing catch-up with Apple Computer Inc.'s market-leading iPod,..

iHome produces pink iPod speaker case - Mp4 Converter October 22,2006

The iH19 from iHome is a brand new stereo that comes with an Apple iPod dock which targets the more effeminate crowd with its shocking pink ..

Sony Announced PSP System Update to 2.70 - Mp4 Converter April 25,2006

Sony released the 2.70 System Update for the PSP today, so if you're still using the old edition, hurry up to update for your PSP through PS..

More on the Sidekick 3 Phone - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

The Sidekick has always been a cool piece of technology, but it skyrocketed to stardom when it was discovered that Paris..

Nokia N91 mobile phone joins into Music Edition handsets - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

 Nokia Music Edition versions of N series devices just got a new member Nokia N91 which has 8GB hard drive. Besides t..

NetJuke systems charge your Sony digital audio player - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006


At the same time it launched its latest Walkman S Series, Sony also rolled out three Sony NetJuke systems, giving you a place..

Dual-format HD DVD and Blu-ray writer will come from Pioneer - Mp4 Converter September 22,2006

 Pioneer announced it will release a dual-format HD DVD and Blu-ray writer sometime next year. The BDR-103 will integrate both HD DVD a..

iTunes update released; iPod update already available - Mp4 Converter March 1,2006

Apple today released iTunes 6.0.4, which “addresses stability and performance issu..

Apple expects more customers to use iPod-enabled Autos, iPod integration in cars - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

Just when you thought the iPod couldn't get any bigger. Bob Borchers, the senior director of iPod worldwide product marketing, recently told..

iPod Content edges into Blu-Ray Discs - Mp4 Converter May 6,2006

The successor of plasma and LCD flatscreen televisions is improved continually with coming-down price. For this reason more and more familie..

French council strikes down parts of iPod law - Mp4 Converter August 2,2006

The French Constitutional Council has declared major aspects of the so-called iPod law unconstitutional, undermining some controversial aspe..

Sony PS3 online service is available - Mp4 Converter October 18,2006

Eurogamer had their way with the PlayStation 3's online functionality and console UI and discovered some interesting details other than the ..

Now the Kensington SX 2000 iPod dock only costs you $40, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

We first told you about the Kensington SX 2000 iPod dock last year. It didn't seem like too bad of an iPod dock, looked cool, had decent sou..

New Model Appears to Replace 60GB iPod, new video iPod may appears - Mp4 Converter March 21,2006

It is reported that Apple may be going to replace its 60GB "High-end" iPod with a new model, by a new research from Amercian Techn..

BenQ will release its new digital camera C1000 - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

 A new digital camera C1000 will come from BenQ to supplant BenQ's C800 compact digital camera. This new digital camera BenQ C1000 gets..

Pavion KPM 4300 portable navigation system - Mp4 Converter July 19,2006

Pavion's KPM 4300 portable navigation system comes in a compact package and features a 4.3" TFT wide LCD that is more than sufficient t..

New portable media player from LG - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

Apple needs to release something big and fast if they want to keep up with the new PMPs that are coming out. This new LG portable media play..

Magical iPod dock uses omnipolar technology, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter August 3,2006

 Meu Deus, um novo iPod dock! Very little concrete information is known about this iPod dock from Mirage other than that it uses "..

Samsung Q1 UMPC Launched in Korea Sold at $1,250 - Mp4 Converter April 12,2006

Samsung has newly released Samsung Q1 UMPC, which is probably to go on sale next month, will go for close to W2 million, o..

Opera Web browser for Nintendo DS ships in the Europe - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

The Opera Web browser for the Nintendo DS has just landed on European shores for 40 (or 30 or $50). Though the Opera Web browser has receive..

iBlue Tube iPod amplifier, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter August 3,2006

Amplify your portable music with the vacuum tube amplifier for the iPod music player from Thanko of Japan. Dubbed the iBlue Tube, this iPod ..

RCA Lyra X3030 PMP Break Through 30GB, new portable media player - Mp4 Converter April 18,2006

Several weeks ago we have ever introduced RCA's Lyra X3000 portable media player, now RCA again announced its new PMP, X30..

DS compatible headset comes from Nintendo - Mp4 Converter July 17,2006

Designed to be used with games like Metroid Prime: Hunters and Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, the headset lets you talk to other players throu..

iSee 360i enables iPod mini and iPod nano to playback video - Mp4 Converter August 3,2006

 ATO released iSee 360i which can turn the video-less iPods such as iPod mini and iPod nano into a great video player..

M-Cody M-30 portable digital media player - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

Check out the extremely sexy and suave M-Cody M-30 portable digital media player that comes in an extremely slim shell that measures less th..

Innovation Award winner Tavi portable digital media player - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

Tavi was an Innovation Award winner in 2006, and we were impressed with this perky little portable digital media player from New Media Life ..

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