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iHome produces pink iPod speaker case - Mp4 Converter

Updated October 22,2006

The iH19 from iHome is a brand new stereo that comes with an Apple iPod dock which targets the more effeminate crowd with its shocking pink color. Whenever the speakers are not in use, you can always pop your iPod music player inside the speaker case and close it, slinging the iH19 around your shoulder as a fashion accessory instead. If you don't want to share your playlist with those around you, there's always the option of plugging in a pair of headphones for personal listening pleasure. The iH19 also doubles up as a charger to your iPod music player will remain beefed up with juice always. This water-resistant iPod speaker-case is definitely one of the better iPod-specific products available in the market at the moment. Macho types can look out for the all-black version when it is released.

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