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Archos 504 portable media player is available - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

Officially announced the Archos 504 personal video player/recorder is the first portable media player to contain 160GB of storage. Available..

Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

Ending a week of rumors, Google on Monday said it has agreed to acquire YouTube<..

Updated version of TiVo Desktop supports iPod video - Mp4 Converter June 21,2006

TiVo announced plans for video iPod support in the November of last year.Now TiVo released an updated version of its software-TiVo Desktop 2..

HP released its 18x DVD writer - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

Lite-on IT just leaked this tip that HP will ship its first internal DVD writer HP d..

The genesis of the iPhone - Mp4 Converter August 15,2007

"Everybody hates their phone, and that's not a good thing. And there's an opportunity there." Jobs told Time for a rather interest..

Microsoft making iPod accessory makers support Zune - Mp4 Converter July 17,2006

Microsoft is trying to woo accessory makers that are currently making iPod accessories into supporting their upcoming Zune. Microsoft hopes ..

Casualty report of 2G iPod shuffle player - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006

It may have been a million-to-one shot, but one user's early experience with Apple Computer's second-generation

Another PMP Maxian T700 from Korea - Mp4 Converter August 29,2006

Yawn. Another day, another Korean portable digital media player. This is the T700 from Maxian. This portable digital media player stands out..

New iPod to dive into games consoles? - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

An analyst has claimed Nvidia has won the contract to supply Apple with graphics chips for future video-centric iPods. The claim comes as an..

MobiBLU Cube 2 media player is available now - MP4 Converter October 17,2006

The MobiBLU Cube 2 debuts in the US. This portable media player features a 65k color OLED screen that can display pictures..

Trekstor unveiled its new Vibez MP3 player - Mp4 Converter October 9,2006

 Trekstor has announced its new Vibez MP3 player, which will be out this November. This MP3 player is available with 8-15 GB storage (t..

Neuros offers MPEG 4 Recorder 2 Plus - Mp4 Converter August 29,2006

First Neuros' MPEG 4 Recorder had an SD card slot. Then the MPEG 4 Recorder got a M..

Will there be iPhone from Apple? Apple phone - Mp4 Converter August 10,2006

There has been quite many rumors about Apple iPhone.

Here are some p..

TuneStage for iPod nano is canned - Mp4 Converter August 21,2006

No really, this sucks. The TuneStage looked promising. If you recall, we first told you about the TuneStage back in June. This Bluetooth str..

Introduction of Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

The Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder makes it easy to record video from an analog ..

Samsung announced mass production of 8GB NAND flash memory - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

Samsung's announced that they're starting mass production of their 8-Gigabit NAND flash memory. What this means to you is Samsung is offerin..

Slim wall-mount DVD player PDP100 from August 25,2006

NuTech of Taiwan makes this skinny, wall-mountable DVD player to accentuate ..

iPod nano speaker dock Altec Lansing iM500, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

 Nowadays there are many iPod accessories come along with the iPod. iPod nanno dock is among them, which comes out one after another. W..

Tour Austin Whole Foods With an iPod - Mp4 Converter July 17,2006

At the 80,000-square foot Whole Foods supermarket in Austin, Texas, which is the chain's flagship, shoppers can check out one of 11 iPods on..

Linksys Wi-Fi-connected VoIP cellphone debuts in Europe - Mp4 Converter September 25,2006

 Linksys has at last launched its WIP330 802.11b/g Wi-Fi-connected VoIP phone in Europe - the company's first wireless handset to made ..

Belkin introduces weather-proof wireless remote for your iPod - Mp4 Converter October 22,2006

 Can't be without your iPod music player even when you're halfway up a mountain and facing blizzard conditions? Then iPod player access..

Sony DVD Walkman, D-VE7000S and DVP-FX810 Launched in Japan - Mp4 Converter April 19,2006

Sony Walkman Family has added a new member, D-VE7000S(above picture)and DVP-FX810, portable

Second-gen iPod nano will be unveiled at WWDC August - Mp4 Converter July 25,2006

Apple will roll out the second generation of its iPod nano music player at its Worldwide Developers Conference, insiders tell Think Secr..

Skype releases Skype for Mac 1.5 BETA with Video Preview - Mp4 Converter July 28,2006

Skype has released Skype for Mac 1.5 BETA which they call, "the simplest and easiest Skype for..

Sharp W-Zero3 Willcom Windows Mobile Pocket PC - Mp4 Converter July 13,2006

Sharp Japan has introduced its new mobility PC phone, the Willcom W-Zero3 Windows Mobile Pocket PC which will hit the Japanese market this c..

Apple Provides Season Passes for March 28,2006

Good news for TV fans who love "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives", both very hot ABC's top shows, Apple has added Season ..

Apple will sell new release movies for $14.99 at iTunes Movie store - Mp4 Converter September 20,2006

Some hard details regarding Apple's rumored iTunes Movie Store have crept out this morning, with word that Apple will be selling new release..

Microsoft will pay Universal Music Group fee for Zune player - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

It's a historic deal - and the most talked-about tie-up in the music industry today. As Microsoft gets ready to launch its iPod-rival Zune p..

Thin cellphone ASUSTek V80 can shoot MPEG4 video - Mp4 Converter July 26,2006

 Here's a thin cellphone from ASUSTek. Well, at 16mm, it's more like last year's thin cellphone. For comparison, a

Apple to announce movie rentals next month? - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

The Mac Pro may not be the only thing Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) next month: he'll ..

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