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Brando introduced multi-functional dock not only for the iPod music player - Mp4 Converter November 3,2006

Why dock one thing when you can dock everything? This multi-functional dock from Brando not only docks your iPod music player(3G and up), al..

Apple iTunes Store receives complaints from users - Mp4 Converter November 2,2006

"Want to buy a video or game for your iPod player from the Apple iTunes Store? Apple's the only distributor, but if you visit its popul..

Silex Technology released wireless Apple iPod dock - Mp4 Converter November 3,2006

You know how we can't stop whining about the inexplicable lack of wireless sync on the Microsoft Zune player? Well, Silex Technology just fi..

Boomwave reveals 2G iPod nano case - Mp4 Converter November 3,2006

With the launch of each new generation of iPod players, iPod MP3 player accessory manufacturers rub their hands in glee as they are presente..

Odys MP-X10 portable digital media player - Mp4 Converter November 2,2006

This one seemed to slip under everyone's radar when it debuted this past summer at IFA, presumably because at first glance the Odys MP-X10 l..

Cingular provides cellphone with music download service - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

Cell phone carrier Cingular will be announcing a new online music service for cell phones that can store and play music, according to a Wall..

More than half of current iPod users may try Microsoft Zune player - Mp4 Converter November 3,2006

As surprising as it may sounds, ABIResearch's latest poll says 58% of current iPod music player users said they were "somewhat likely&q..

Apple new patent still about touch sensitive concept - Mp4 Converter October 30,2006

Apple dropped another bomb today by unveiling a new patent application appropriately titled "Electronic Device Having Display and Surro..

Apple employees will get free iPod shuffle players - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

Christmas came a tad bit early for employees of Apple Computer this year, each of which will receive a free shiny second-generation iPod shu..

Sonnet Technologies released car FM transmitter for iPod nano player - Mp4 Converter November 2,2006


Sonnet Technologies today unveiled a redesigned iPod nano cradle that comes bundled with its iFreq in-vehicle FM transmitter/..

Runaway enables any shoes to use Nike+iPod Sport Kit - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

For anyone who wants to get running with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit but is disinclined to drop a hundred bucks on a new pair of special Nike+ s..

FIC introduced Linux-based smartphone FIC-GTA001 - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006


FIC's taking more than just a page from the Linux community with its FIC-GTA001 smartphone-its taking their entire playbook. ..

Rumor: Samsung YP-K3 digital audio player is in work - Mp4 Converter November 8,2006

Could Samsung already be working on a successor to its YP-K5 digital audio MP3 player? Folks on the rumor mill think so. According to a &quo..

iSkin introduces new 30GB iPod video case - Mp4 Converter November 8,2006

iSkin introduced new versions of its Vibes protective cases for iPod music player, which is originally for the iPod mini player and first ge..

Upgrade of Meizu M6 miniPlayer shows off - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

 The portable digital media player on the right could be a revamped version of the Meizu M6 miniPlayer, although there is hardly any co..

Microsoft Zune player debuts at Wal-Mart - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

 His Zuneness has landed at Wal-Mart, home of schlock and ladies giving each other massive internal injuries over $30 DVD players. Thes..

Portable digital media player supports dual headphones - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

 How many people find themselves wishing that their digital audio player and/or portable digital media player supported more than one p..

Travel case for 2G iPod shuffle player - Mp4 Converter November 8,2006

Although only applicable to a select few people-2G iPod Shuffle player users who also have the in-ear headphones-this mod is pretty cool. Ba..

iMe Dock docks all MP3 audio players - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

Integrated Mobile Electronics is aiming to standardize integration of portable MP3 audio players in your car. The IME Dock seamlessly connec..

Audi iPod car kit Gateway 500 is available - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006 has unveiled its Gateway 500, an iPod car kit with MMi technology designed for all Audi A6, A8, and Q7 vehicles. The Dension Ga..

Microsoft HD movie download store for Xbox 360 is coming - Mp4 Converter November 8,2006

The New York Times carries official word that November 22 is the day Microsoft will launch a HD movie download store for the Microsoft Xbox ..

iPod speaker system SpeckTone Retro - Mp4 Converter November 8,2006

iPod stereo speaker systems are dime a dozen, but how many of them actually look good? The SpeckTone Retro is a top-loading iPod stereo spea..

Pez MP3 audio player with weird shape - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

Nowadays every thing goes weird with weird Apple iPod accessory, weird media player. Here comes the MP3 audio player with weird shape, the P..

Apple to celebrate the opening of Sugar Land Apple Retail Store - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006

Apple Computer, Inc. will celebrate the Grand Opening of their latest Apple Retail Store on November 11. Apple Store First Colony Mall in Su..

Users complaint iTunes 7 breaks their old iPod music players - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

Is Apple iTunes 7 breaking iPod music players? If you ask Apple reps, they'll say no, but owners of slightly older iPod music players, iPod ..

Sundance Channel joined Apple iTunes Store - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006

Robert Redford's Sundance Channel has joined the Apple iTunes Store, bringing the independent-minded programming the network is known for to..

Wristwatch digital video player F029 from Aigo - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

We introduced an MP4 watch to you just now, and this time we will introduce the digital video player F029 from Aigo. The digital video playe..

Case-mate introduces 2G iPod nano case - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

 Although the 2G iPod nano player just came out for one month. Many iPod nano accessories come along with this new iPod player. This ti..

Belkin unveils several accessories for Microsoft Zune player - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

Got Microsoft Zune player on the mind? You should. With the release approaching fast, Belkin already has a line of accessories ready for the..

iDisguise tin can for iPod music player - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

In case getting jacked for your iPod music player on a New York City subway car isn't exactly your idea of a fun time, have a look at the iD..

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