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Boomwave reveals 2G iPod nano case - Mp4 Converter

Updated November 3,2006

With the launch of each new generation of iPod players, iPod MP3 player accessory manufacturers rub their hands in glee as they are presented with yet another opportunity to milk the consumers for all they are worth. Owners of the new 2G iPod nano player will be pleased to know that Boomwave has unveiled the latest Podstar Diablo Spectrum protective covers that are bound to turn up the heat in the design department. Choose from 6 devilish designs and half a dozen colors to dress up your spanking new iPod nano player with this 2G iPod nano case. Each purchase comes with a sterling silver earring, a removable colored click wheel protector, a screen protector, a neck strap, and an individual Podstar ID. Made from superior grade silicone, the Podstar Diablo Spectrum retails for $19.90 a pop.

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