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FIC introduced Linux-based smartphone FIC-GTA001 - Mp4 Converter

Updated November 9,2006


FIC's taking more than just a page from the Linux community with its FIC-GTA001 smartphone-its taking their entire playbook. Hoping to capitalize on what is essentially free programmers for the project, FIC is releasing a Linux-based smartphone complete with an SDK (Software Development Kit). This allows end-users to develop their own programs and functionality for the phone (picture an army of geeks making sure you can play back DivX on your phone).

The FIC-GTA001 smartphone itself has a 2.8-inch VGA display, USB mesh file sharing, multi-touch sensor recognition, GSM, GPS, 128MB RAM, a Samsung ARM9-based processor and MP3 playback capabilities. The concept of their multi-touch gestures is that you can use two fingers to control a variety of tasks, such as two finger scrolling like the PowerBooks and MacBooks. Some demo pics of the gesture abilities after the jump. Even though the smartphone will probably only sell to DIY-ers and Linux enthusiasts, there may be some interesting applications that come out of this.

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