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Meizu answers to the iPod Nano with Miniplayer - Mp4 Converter September 19,2006

 The Miniplayer, Meizu's answer to the iPod Nano, is now available in an off-the-rack basic black. This Miniplayer still has the same M..

GPS-equipped navigation smart phone MDA compact III - Mp4 Converter September 27,2006

HTC's upcoming GPS-equipped navigation cellphone, codenamed 'Artemis', will ship on the T-Mobile network in Germany, the carrier revealed at..

MicroSound dives into the iPod nano speaker market, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter September 19,2006

 As if the iPod needed any more well thought out iPod accessories, the MicroSound enters the fray looking to fill the apparent void in ..

myFairTunes6 strips DRM from your iTunes Music Store songs - Mp4 Converter September 28,2006

If you enjoyed sticking it to the man with the FairUse4WM WMA DRM stripper, you'll love myFairTunes6. This software strips DRM from your iTu..

Samsung tiny camera SDC-MS61 includes MP3 player - Mp4 Converter September 22,2006

Samsung unveiled this tiny camera SDC-MS61at IFA. It is small as hell, looks pretty hot and includes a six-megapixel sensor that will create..

Coby launches its new portable media player PMP7040 - Mp4 Converter September 25,2006

 Here we introduce a new portable digital media player with huge display to you. The Coby PMP7040 has a 7-inch TFT display and 40GB har..

Portable Home Theater for PSP - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

 Companies try to come up with clever names to disguise what their lowly products truly are, so it's with great joy that we present the..

Will portable media device get 3D displays - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

 If a Korean company gets its way, it won't be long before we start seeing portable media devices with 3D displays. Developed by Innert..

Apple announces that the iTV set-top box device is in work - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

True to last week's whispers, Steve Jobs took advantage of the "It's Showtime" media event to offer a glimpse of the new product, ..

Play games on your 5G iPod - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

We thought it was worth noting that you don't have to get a 5.1G iPod with the brighter screen and longer battery life to play the new iPod ..

Get free MP3 player with subscribing Napster portable music service - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

 Napster UK is giving away free MP3 audio players to all new subscribers of its portable music service.

Anyone taking out a thr..

Miglia introduces its iPod speaker system MicroSound, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter September 25,2006

 It seems that we haven't introduced iPod speaker system to you for a long time. Now we go back to iPod accessory again. As the new iPo..

SanDisk unveils its memory card video recorder - Mp4 Converter September 20,2006

Hot off the floors of IFA is the V-Mate memory card recorder from SanDisk. This video recorder is really pretty simple and could be really p..

Disney releases its tiny portable media player Mix Max - Mp4 Converter September 22,2006

 Disney just released a portable digital media player Mix Max. This portable digital media player is embossed with Disney's magical log..

Get updated U2 iPod with lower price - Mp4 Converter September 22,2006

 Last week we hear too much about Apple's special event. Following the event Apple quietly updated the iPod U2 Specia..

BluePod offers what iPod is lacking: Bluetooth capability and FM radio - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

Zenocom rolled out BluePod, a dongle that fits the iPod dock connector and suddenly gives you a couple of things every iPod music player is ..

SanDisk Sansa Base Station for music player debuts - Mp4 Converter September 27,2006

 SanDisk's tiny Sansa flash-based digital audio players have gotten plenty of attention lately, and now it's time to start whoring out ..

Canon revealed a couple portable photo viewers M30 and M80 - Mp4 Converter September 26,2006

Canon just released two portable digital photo viewers the M30 and M80. Both digital photo viewers feature a 3.7-inch TFT screen which offer..

Portable media player StormBlue A9+ - Mp4 Converter September 26,2006

Advanced MP3 Players, UK digital music player specialist, released a portable media player StormBlue A9+.This portable media player measures..

Game console PalmPS2 can play every PS2 game - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

From the maker of the PalmPSOne comes the PalmPS2, a hand-held version of Sony's last, greatest console. The PalmPS2 takes all the innards o..

Samsung gets its own music download service - Mp4 Converter September 25,2006

Samsung is to take the digital music fight to Apple by launching its own music download service in the UK, France and Germany, the South Kor..

Marware unveils Sportsuit Relay which unifies the iPod nano and Nike + iPod Sport Kit - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

Marware just introduced Sportsuit Relay (US$29.95), which accommodates an iPod nano and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit receiver in one unit that ..

Microsoft will release new Xbox 360 console little earlier than the launch of Sony PS3 - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

 Microsoft is looking to steal some of the PS3's launch thunder (not that Sony isn't do a fine job of borking it up themselves) in Japa..

Nintendo will release an official MP3 player for the Nintendo DS - Mp4 Converter September 27,2006

Nintendo's set to release an official MP3 player for the Nintendo DS, making it not only a game machine and a web browser, but a music playi..

Sony announced that the release of PlayStation 3 in Europe is delayed - Mp4 Converter October 3,2006

 Sony has announced that the PlayStation 3 will not be released in Europe until March 2007, some four months after the original Novembe..

Samsung X838 music cellphone - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

 Oh look, another music-playing, fun time-having cellphone that we'll never get to see in the U.S., the Samsung X838. Featuring 1GB of ..

Official release of Archos 504 portable media player - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

We have waited for the Archos 504 portable media player for a long time. Finally this portable media player got shipped. The Archos 504 port..

Xbox 360 case got seven colors LED lights - Mp4 Converter September 30,2006

The Xbox 360 Laptop Mod and Battle-Worn Mod may have some competition for the coolest Xbox 360 case mod of the week. This is the Chameleon c..

MP3 player ThirdWave 8030 with special appearance - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

 Here is an odd MP3 player from Japan named ThirdWave 8030. Why it is odd? One of the reasons is the appearance of th..

Coby digital audio player MP-C951 matches with LG Chocolate - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

These days LG Chocolate cellphone becomes too hot. Maybe you have already got one to catch the fashion. Here comes a digit..

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