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Xcute S50 cellphone comes from Taiwan - Mp4 Converter September 18,2006

Don't look down upon this slim cellphone, this Xcute S50 really has a lot of features. This Xcute S50 cellphone comes from..

Samsung MP3 player YP-T9B is coming - Mp4 Converter September 18,2006

Samsung revealed another MP3 player YP-T9B, this MP3 player is less than a half an inch thick, weighs 1.7 ounces and has a..

Rollei will release dt6 Tribute digital camera - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

Achtung! Germany-based Rollei's about to release the dt6 Tribute, a consumer-grade 6.36-megapixel digital camera that's "compact and st..

New PMP got special name Commodore Gravel In Pocket - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

Featuring the weirdest name for a PMP we've heard this week, the Commodore Gravel In Pocket supports MP4, MPEG, DivX, Xvid, WMV, MP3, WMA, W..

Apple revealed the second generation iPod Nano - Mp4 Converter September 13,2006

Apple just introduced its second generation iPod nano with a new aluminum body. "iPod nano is the world's most popula..

Creative revealed its new PMP Zen Vision W - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

There were rumors all ove..

Microsoft officially announced its digital media player Zune - Mp4 Converter September 15,2006

Finally the Microsoft digital music player Zune debuts. Here are some features about this digital music player, most of wh..

Apple updated video iPod - Mp4 Converter September 14,2006

Apple's updated iPod player debuts ceremoniously. The 5.1G iPod has a screen that's 60% brighter than the 5G video iPod pl..

Kenwood released a new digital audio player named HD30GB9 - Mp4 Converter September 12,2006

 Kenwood is a manufacturer of digital audio player which does not share too much of American digital music player mar..

Nintendo will release an official MP3 player for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo MP3 player - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

Nintendo is going to launch an official MP3 player for its Nintendo DS, which makes the device not only a game console and web browser, but ..

Sony will launch the next generation PSP in 2007 - Mp4 Converter September 19,2006

The October issue of PlayStation Magazine cited unnamed sources in a report stating that Sony will launch the next generation PSP, PSP2 in 2..

Sandisk reveals Flash-based MP3 player, digital music player - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

Sandisk will today introduce an 8GB Flash-based digital music player, launching the device ahead of the anticipated roll-out of an 8GB iPod ..

Nokia releases 3 fashion cellphones - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

The new member of Nokia cellphone in the form of the 7390, 7373, and 7360 enlarge its successful L'Amour range of fashion cellphone. The Nok..

The picture of iRiver MP3 player iRiver N20 slips - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

A picture of the iRiver MP3 player iRiver N20, which is being trumpeted as the world's smallest digital audio player to feature a screen, ha..

Maplin releases its MP4 player A93GC - Mp4 Converter September 6,2006

 Maplin will release its MP4 player A93GC. It is said that this MP4 player can compete with iPod Nano..

Arlinktech PMP-253 portable media player comes from China - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

Although we would love to lay our hands on the latest and greatest portable media player at the moment, the majority of us just do not have ..

Review of Creative digital music player Zen Neeon 2 - Mp4 Converter September 12,2006

MP3 player maker Creative revealed its Zen Neeon 2 about a month ago. At that time we said it could compete with iPod nano. Now we can have ..

Samsung Z610 slider phone following the iPod's lead - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

Samsung is knocking on the cellphone styling door from all angles, and now it's following the iPod's lead, imitating the familiar creamy whi..

HD DVD player will not hit Asia market - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

The highly anticipated Xbox 360 HD DVD player

Updated version of A900-Samsung A900M is coming, cellphone - Mp4 Converter September 19,2006

 Samaung is going to release the upgrade of A900 the Samsung A900M for Sprint users this October. The Samsung A900 is..

Panasonic revealed a noise-canceling digital audio player D-Snap - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

Panasonic announced D-Snap, a noise-canceling digital audio player that lets you listen to high-quality sound without having to overcome amb..

iPod accessory video viewer for your video iPod - Mp4 Converter September 18,2006

 MicroOptical Corporation just released an iPod accessory for video iPod. This myvu Made for iPod version is a pair of glasses, with th..

Big Bosch Power Box iPod dock, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

What the heck is the deal with this Bosch Power Box iPod dock? Deflecting onlookers from its intended purpose, this iPod dock looks like it ..

Flash-based PMP comes from Teclast - Mp4 Converter September 6,2006

 The flash-based portable digital media player TL-T29 from Teclast seems to be an outstanding digital audio player from other portable ..

Logitec releases its own WiFi Skype phone - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

Logitec's getting into the WiFi Skype game and releasing their own me-too WiFi Skype phone. Again, this Logitec is the Logitec of Japan, not..

Cowon released a flash-based digital audio player iAudio F2 - Mp4 Converter September 19,2006

Cowon just released a flash-based digital audio MP3 player iAudio F2. Don't be fooled by the appearance of this iAudio F2 for it looks like ..

Onda released its gaming portable media player VX737 - Mp4 Converter September 15,2006

 Onda just released its gaming portable media player VX737. This portable media player VX737 features the similar col..

Colorful iPod speakers iBlaster Orb Audio System, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

iPod speaker syetem are extremely common these days, but most of them come with a serious slant and are coated in either iPod-white or black..

Users will get charged for Wii web browsing - Mp4 Converter September 18,2006

 No news s good news. It is really true for this one. Nintendo will charge users for browsing the Internet on the Wii. Many users had b..

Sony unveils its Walkman NW-S200 Series Sports MP3 Players - Mp4 Converter September 5,2006

Spiffy pics of the Sony Walkman NW-S200 Series Sports MP3 Players we

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