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iLamp integrated with iPod dock - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

Adesso just introduced an innovative table lamp iLamp which is not only a lighting device but also an Apple iPod dock. Thi..

iRecord records video directly onto iPod or PSP - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

Streaming Networks just introduced a media recorder iRecord which can record videos directly onto the portable media players such as iPod an..

Audio Cubes introduces IS201 Universal iPod Dock - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

Audio Cubes has begun offering the IS201 Universal iPod Dock in the U.S., an iPod accessory enabling users to connect their iPod to several ..

Undersound entertain you while riding the subway - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

We don't get much subway entertainment (aside from that homeless guy who always plays the accordion for us) so our curiosity was piqued when..

Archos 604 WiFi a rivalrous portable media player - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

 The Archos 604 WiFi is a rivalrous portable media player especially for Microsoft Zune, for the Archos 604 also has ..

Roadstar head unit gets removable digital audio player - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

 Head units with built-in MP3 players and USB inputs have been around for a while, but this one by Roadstar steps it up with a removabl..

World smallest HD display comes from Sanyo - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

Sanyo has developed what they claim to be the world' smallest high definition (1920x1080) display. Coming in at 7.1 inches, the display, whi..

Sharp SP700 portable media player is coming - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

Sharp's new SP700 portable media player has bolted out from the stable doors at the KES 2006 event. What can we expect from a company that r..

Nainworks' "Ubiquitous Multimedia Informator" PMP Released October 24,2006

Recently we newly discover another marginally interesting device, with which you can fill up your RSS. It's developed by N..

Greenhouse GH-SPA-440 iPod speaker dock - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

Greenhouse has developed a brand new speaker dock for the Apple iPod player in the form of the GH-SPA-440. This iPod speaker dock is backwar..

Apple sold 8.729 million iPods last quarter - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

Apple on last Wednesday announced that it sold 8.729 million iPods last quarter, a 35% jump over the number sold at the same time last year...

Jobo Introduced Giga Vue Pro : Evolution, PMP - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

 Quite different from what we heard before, the new PMP introduced by Jobo, namely called Giga Vue Pro: Revolution ,has a brand new app..

Apple recent patent indicates iPod satellite services - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

"Although Apple has previously dismissed deals with satellite radio providers, it continues to explore the technology on its own, as di..

Monster dives into the Microsoft Zune accessory business - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

Not content in overcharging for home stereo equipment, Monster will now enter into the Zune accessory business, making sure that your MP3 pl..

T-shirt integrated iPod controls comes from Korea - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

Yep, another piece of clothing with integrated iPod controls. Seriously, is it really that hard to pull the iPod out of your pocket to chang..

Sknet introduces waterproof speakers for iPod - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

Sknet has developed RelacOn, a set of waterproof speakers for media players such as Apple's iPod. Users can open up the cover of RelacOn and..

Microsoft gave negative answer to virus infected iPod - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

Earlier this week, Apple confirmed that a small percentage of iPods shipped with the Windows RavMonE.exe virus. Apple's vice president of wo..

Four new iPod accessories from Monster - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

Monster on Monday introduced four new Apple iPod accessories that are available now: the iCarPlay Wireless 200 FM transmitter; iTVLink, whic..

Teac SR-L200i iPod dock with radio and piano finish - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

Ignoring the fact that, in essence, this is just another iPod dock+radio, Teac's SR-L200i pulls one thing off very well: it looks very, muy,..

iAudio D1 digital audio player - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

The iAudio 6 is a versatile digital audio MP3 player but with a small storage. Now its flash-based version Cowon iAudio D1 gets even smaller..

LG KB6100 mobile phone capable of recording TV shows - Mp4 Converter October 24,2006

LG just announced their KB6100 mobile phone that not only allows you to watch TV via Korea's T-DMB network (wireless digital broadcast), and..

Navzen combination of PMP, GPS and TV - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

 The Navzen is a combination of portable media player, portable TV and GPS navigation unit. This special device first shows off at the ..

MCE Tunes enables Windows Media Center users to play iTunes music - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

You have your favorite iPod player and you purchase music from iTunes Store, but you have a Windows Media Center Edition PC. This problem ma..

TuneCast 3 FM transmitter comes from Belkin - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

Belkin just unveiled TuneCast 3 (site not updated), a universal FM transmitter that lets users listen to music and movies through any FM ste..

Pantech PG3600V cellphone has iPod click wheel and plays MP3 - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

Okay, they weren't really sued for kajillions, but Pantech has released the PG3600V cellphone. This cellphone has a circular wheel design th..

Sony sued the PSP importer in UK court and won - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

The English High Court has ruled that importing Japanese and North American PlayStation Portable handheld consoles into Europe through unoff..

iPod simulators Platinum 2.0 and Neon Mp4 players - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, rest assured Apple won't be scaling giddy heights having their iPod nano being duplicated in..

Palm just unveiled its low-end Treo 680 cellphone - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

As expected, Palm has just announced the low-end Treo 680 for GSM markets sold unlocked in four colors: crimson, copper, arctic and graphite..

Five-year development of Apple iPod - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs introduced the first Apple iPod player with the tagline: "1,000 songs in your pocket". It was a 5GB hard dis..

Portable digital media player Rimax Mystic with VoIP capability - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

Rimax Mystic is a portable digital media player with VoIP capability. The portable digital media player has a 1.5-inch OLE..

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