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Digital Cube released new portable media player - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

 Digital Cube has a brand new diminutive portable digital media player that also comes with T-DMB capabilities. This tiny new portable ..

Battery life of Microsoft media player Zune - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

We've got some Microsoft Zune player battery life numbers thanks to Cesar of Zune Insider fame. The portable digital media player Zune will ..

Portable PA system Ion iPa03 with iPod attachment - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

My nickname used to be portable party, but no longer. The Ion iPa03 is more partier and more portable than I will ever be. This 15-watt PA s..

Riptopia ships ShugaNano package of 2G iPod nano - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

Riptopia is offering its ShugaNano package for the second generation iPod nano from November 1 through January 15. The ShugaNano package inc..

Shoe Pouch gets Nike+iPod Kit integrated with non-nike shoes - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

Grantwood Technology on Monday said that Shoe Pouch will begin shipping Nov. 1. The product allows Nike+iPod Sport Kit owners to use the wir..

Will Microsoft Zune pay you for sharing songs - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

The Microsoft Zune may pay you for sharing a song with others if they end up buying that song themselves. As you probably know, the Microsof..

Meizu released SP version of Meizu M6 miniPlayer - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

Meizu is following Nintendo's business model by revealing the SP version of their Meizu M6 miniPlayer. What are the improvements one can exp..

Princeton introduces 2.1 audio system for iPod - Mp4 Converter October 26,2006

Princeton offers in Japanthe PSP-MSSIT a 2.1 audio system for iPod with an iPod dock, 2x8W and 16W for the subwoofer. There is also a USB po..

XtremeMac TuffWrap case offers protection to your iPod - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

Lots of you apparently hate the iPod, but others still buy the damn thing like it's going to lead them to El Dorado or something. So if you ..

Edifier MO introduced alarm clock speaker dock for iPod - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

As the resident retro-junkie I fully endorse this alarm clock iPod speaker dock made by Edifier MO. The iPod speaker dock is shaped like one..

Samsung new clamshell phone SCH-V900 with 9.9mm thickness - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

 Samsung's new SCH-V900 is a clamshell handset that joins the sub-10mm club with a measurement of 102.8mm x 53mm x 9.9mm. This clamshel..

i-Classic iPod dock with wired speakers - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

It seems that we never lack of Apple iPod accessory. Right, here it is again, but this one may bring you some fresh air. This i-Classic Appl..

Samsung SGH-A707 mobile phone ships to US - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

Thanks to Cingular US people finally get the high-powered handset from Samsung, the Samsung SGH-A707. This Samsung SGH-A707 is a multimedia ..

CD changer iPod dock audio system iLuv i9200 - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

I'm going to have to go out on a limb and say this is one of the sexier CD changer Apple iPod dock audio systems out there. The i9200 from i..

Nexx released the latest portable digital media player NF-810 - Mp4 Converter October 30,2006

 As the iPod nano sells like hot cake, more and more simulators of this portable digital media player come out. Nexx just released its ..

Release of Pioneer Blu-ray disc player delayed to December - Mp4 Converter November 3,2006

The bad news never stops rolling for Blu-ray this season, as Pioneer's BDP-HD1 Blu-ray disc player got rolled back to a December release. Or..

Apple iTunes Store gets iTunes Latino area - Mp4 Converter November 3,2006

Apple Computer on Wednesday announced that it is launching iTunes Latino, a dedicated area within the US Apple iTunes Store featuring top La..

Sharper Image introduces Bear speaker for iPod music player and other portable digital audio player - Mp4 Converter October 31,2006

Normally Sharper Image is on top of their game with awesome gadgets, but man, this thing is stupid. The iPulse Bear Speaker is simply that. ..

Stone iPod dock comes from Japan - Mp4 Converter October 31,2006

 iPod accessory again, but the odd one. These stone iPod docks i-Stones come from Japan. This iPod dock is made of real stone. The i-St..

The logo of Fifth Avenue Apple Store turns into red - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

Oprah's reach stretches to New York, turning the 5th Ave. Apple Store red in celebration of the Red 4GB iPod Nano release. I think this whol..

Rumor: premium Wii will playback DVD movie - Mp4 Converter November 2,2006

We're eagerly waiting for the day the Nintendo Wii hits store shelves, but till then, we have to satisfy our craving with news like this. Th..

Book tells the perfect thing and the development of Apple iPod - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

Journalist Steven Levy's new book, The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture and Coolness, chronicles the popular portable ..

Colorful Sony PlayStation Portable will hit the market - Mp4 Converter November 3,2006

You can have your Sony PlayStation Portable in any color you want, as long as it's black. Until later this month, that is. We've heard rumbl..

MP3 player phone SGH-X830 comes from Samsung - Mp4 Converter November 3,2006

While Apple haven't release its iPod cellphone, Samsung introduced its MP3 player phone, the SGH-X830. This MP3 player phone is very tiny an..

BMG Japan catalog is available on Apple iTunes Store - Mp4 Converter October 30,2006

BMG Japan and Apple just announced the availability of top Japanese and international artists on the Apple iTunes Store in Japan. The additi..

Caliber F-5300 GPS system has Sony PSP-like appearance - Mp4 Converter November 2,2006

 The Caliber F-5300 GPS navigation system looks somewhat like a Sony PSP console with its generous 5.3" TFT LCD widescreen touchsc..

Red iPod nano is coming - Mp4 Converter November 5,2006

Remember we had reported that there would be red version of iPod nano before? Now the rumor is confirmed by two superstars Bono and Oprah. T..

Axxen i-Egg digital audio MP3 player has built-in speakers - Mp4 Converter October 30,2006


It's certainly not as sleek as the Samsung K5, but Korean company Axxen's new i-Egg portable digital media player is equipped..

Sony released CD Walkman D-NE241 - Mp4 Converter October 27,2006

Is descender really advanced? It is hard to answer. With portable digital media player becomes hotter and hotter, Sony rel..

Apple released iPod shuffle Reset Utility 1.0 - Mp4 Converter October 30,2006

Apple has released iPod shuffle Reset Utility 1.0 for Mac, an application designed to restore its first-generation iPod shuffle by completel..

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