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Altec Lansing plans dock for the Microsoft Zune - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

Despite looking a little bit photoshopped, this Altec Lansing dock for the Microsoft Zune seems promising, in a "now the Zune will have..

A&E Television Network creates partnership with Apple, now more than 200 TV shows are available in the iTunes Music Store - Mp4 Converter August 25,2006

A&E Television Networks and Apple just announced their partnership and the Biography and History Channels is now available for purchase ..

Analyst: Apple may release a new wireless iPod - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

PiperJaffray analyst Gene Munster predicted that a wireless iPod may come from Apple in a research note. From past experie..

Alternatives of Apple iPod - Mp4 Converter October 18,2006

Every holiday shopping season since the take-over of the Apple iPod consumers ask themselves if there is a viable alternative to the dominan..

New iPod nano may get metal enclosure - Mp4 Converter July 12,2006

The next generation of Apple Computer's iPod nano digital music player may dip into the iPod mini's wardrobe, AppleInsider has lear..

Archos 604 portable media player shows up, a new PMP from Archos - Mp4 Converter August 21,2006

T3 has gone one up on just about everyone else by snagging an Archos 604 portable digital media player. The Archos 604 portable digital medi..

Apple iTunes enhanced the podcasts - Mp4 Converter July 26,2006

Podcasts have grown significantly more popular since Apple iTunes started listing the audio and v..

Sonnet extend the 5G iPod playback time - Mp4 Converter October 30,2006

Enjoy your favorite music or videos with your 5G iPod, suddenly there is no power to enjoy anymore. This may disappoint you many times. Now ..

Creative upgraded its Zen Neeon, MP3 player - Mp4 Converter August 14,2006

MP3 audio player maker Creative this week upgraded its Zen Neeon line of Flash-based digital MP3 music players with a second-generation prod..

Nike+iPod Sport Kit review roundup - Mp4 Converter August 7,2006

Even if the the Nike+iPod Sport Kit were inaccurate, unintuitive, and uncomfortable to wear..

XtremeMac introduced its new SuperClip for 2G iPod nano - Mp4 Converter October 30,2006

XtremeMac announced its new SuperClip for the 2G iPod nano on Thursday. The SuperClip is made from clear hard plastic and attaches to the ba..

Hitachi will release a portable DVD player - Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

Hitachi will be releasing a new 7" widescreen portable DVD player soon, and this portable DVD player boasts other multimedia functions ..

Hammacher Schlemmer introduces bicycle MP3 audio player - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

Hammacher Schlemmer introduces a bicycle MP3 audio player which enables you to listen to the music without headphones. The MP3 audio player ..

Portable audio player iriver s10 debuts - Mp4 Converter October 10,2006

To hell with that Cupertino Fruit Company, if you want a full-featured portable audio player check out the iriver s10, not much bigger than ..

The upcoming Comcast video store will provide video and music download - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

 We've heard a little bit more about the upcoming Comcast video store hitting PCs and set-top-boxes before October '06.

On the ..

Apple Computer vs Apple Case - Mp4 Converter April 5,2006

It is finally an end to the Apple Computer vs Apple case, which was brought on by Apple to charge Apple Computer using its logo on the iTune..

Philips portable media player PMC7230 - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

 Here is a new portable media player which comes from Philips, the PMC7230 portable media player. This portable media player features a..

JVC KD-AVX2 in-dash DVD player is compatible with MP3 player and FM tuner - Mp4 Converter September 20,2006

Here comes the JVC KD-AVX2 in-dash DVD player with a blue on black button design. This DVD player has a 3.5-inch TFT LCD s..

Limited edition of Microsoft Zune player is coming - Mp4 Converter November 3,2006

The limited edition Microsoft Zune player comes out. Microsoft just contract with West Coast-based boutique clothing stores Union, UNDFTD an..

A new rival of iTunes MySpace music store - Mp4 Converter September 27,2006

 MySpace announced a partnership with Snocap a music store backend provider founded by famous Napster founder Shawn Fanning.


RAmos RM400 portable media player is coming - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

Now Ramos is busy preparing for its upcoming portable media player RM400. This portable media player features a 2.2-inch 320 x 240 (QVGA) TF..

Six best iPod accessories - Mp4 Converter August 29,2006

T3 gives you the lowdown on some of the weird and wonderful ways you can pimp your iPod.

Nike+iPod Sport Kit, £19


Digital music booms in the first half of 2006 - Mp4 Converter October 18,2006

"Sales of digital music in the first half of 2006 rose 106% to US$945 million when compared with the first six months of last year. Glo..

Griffin released TuneFlex for iPod, iPod dock - Mp4 Converter August 25,2006

Are you tired of Apple iPod dock? This one may bring some fresh air to the Appel iPod docks. Griffin Technology released TuneFlex for iPod p..

iHome introduced 1G iPod nano speaker iHM1B - Mp4 Converter November 2,2006

For a paltry sum of $30, you can plug your spiffy, 1G iPod nano into this iHome iHM1B really small speaker (system?). Like every other gadge..

SPH-B5200, DMB & MP3 & GAMES all Together! - Mp4 Converter March 13,2006

This morning Samsung Company again revealed to the media about its brand new smartphone, SPH-B5200,

this cellphone..

CyberDrive NMD 35 portable navigation device comes with multimedia support - Mp4 Converter July 24,2006

Here is another navigation device, CyberDrive NMD 35, which comes from Germany. Besides the fully-functional satellite portable GPS navigati..

New UMPCs from TabletKiosk - Mp4 Converter August 3,2006

TabletKiosk has unveiled the

Minos DMP3 media player handles MPEG 4 videos, photos and MP3s - Mp4 Converter July 26,2006

The Minos DMP3 media player is a compact and attractive device that is able to handle MPEG 4 videos, photos, MP3s, and more. Other features ..

Video transmitter for 5G iPod, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter August 3,2006

 Japan Princeton released a UHF video transmitter, PCK-UAV Video Transmitter. This video transmitter is designed for the 5G video iPod ..

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