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Portable audio player iriver s10 debuts - Mp4 Converter

Updated October 10,2006

To hell with that Cupertino Fruit Company, if you want a full-featured portable audio player check out the iriver s10, not much bigger than the iPod shuffle but bringing a 1.15-inch 128x96 OLED screen and FM recording, too. The 2GB flash-based portable audio player is pendant-small at 1.6 inches x 1.2 inches and it's just a third of an inch (10mm) thick, plus it weighs far less than an ounce, only 1.9g heavier than that screenless iPod shuffle.

That screen saps the audio player iriver s10's battery life a lot quicker than the iPod shuffle, though, lasting just eight hours. No matter, we'd rather wear this pretty-screened bauble around our necks than go clipping on a gray object that looks like a half a stick of chewing gum like all the other sheep will be doing. But that's just us. - Charlie White

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