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Apple sees great interest in its 2G iPod shuffle player - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

Apple Computer is seeing intense interest in its new iPod shuffle digital music player which went on sale several days ago, according to the..

Care Kit keeps your iPod away from scratches - Mp4 Converter November 11,2006

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) on Thursday released its Care Kit for iPod music player, which contains three different cleaning solution..

Toshiba whale MP3 audio player not easy portable - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

Meet Pala-Chan, Toshiba's cutesy aquatic mascot that will soon be representing the company's mobile peripheral and accessory line. First up ..

News Corp. and Apple talk about Fox movies availability at Apple iTunes Store - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

"News Corp., the media conglomerate that owns the Fox movie studio, is in talks with Apple about a deal to sell its films on Apple's po..

iSol solar charger for Apple iPod player - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

The iSol portable solar charger is one economical way of charging your Apple iPod player no matter where you are (unless your at the nether ..

Octavio Boombox speaker system for Microsoft Zune player - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

Jason Chen, Charlie White, and I Just got back from the LA Zune event's daytime activities, and found this amazing Octavio Boombox that we'd..

WiDock Apple iPod dock supports wireless network - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

Silex's new WiDock connects to your wireless network to sync up your Apple iPod player sans cables. Why this hasn't been built into Apple's ..

ZVUE ZP3 MP3 audio player - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

ZVUE line of portable digital media players, has a tiny MP3 audio player up for sale this upcoming holiday season. This USB device shares ro..

Coinstar Added one New Service, iTunes Music Store Gift cards - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

Coinstar has added one new Coin to Card service, to offer Apple iTunes Music Store gift cards. Through this card consumers..

Apple cooperate with Moby to offer Moby video competition - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

Apple has teamed up with Moby, EMI and U-MYX to present a competition for aspiring filmmakers.

The video competition marks the relea..

Monster wireless iPod FM transmitter - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

This wireless iPod FM transmitter from Monster landed an innovation award from CES. Whaaa...? An Apple iPod accessory landing an innovation ..

Mini VCR SV-1000 record TV shows in MPEG-4 format - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

 What a pity missing your favorite TV shows when you have to do other things! Now with this StorVision SV-1000 Mini VCR all you missed ..

CMTech released tiny MP3 audio player CA-C265 - Mp4 Converter November 10,2006

Another tiny MP3 audio player comes from CMTech, the CA-C265 portable music player. This MP3 audio player is really portable with 54.4mm x 3..

Sony will update its software for new PlayStation 3 console - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

Sony will offer its first software update for the new PlayStation 3 on the first day the gaming consoles go on sale.

Sony Computer E..

Microsoft Zune Marketplace will support redownloadable music - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

We just got back from the LA Zune event, and like the NY Event we covered, we found out some interesting extra details. Unlike Apple iTunes ..

Sharp digital audio MP3 players look like calculators - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

 Do you remember the Sharp MP-B200 and MP-B300 digital audio MP3 players which look like a calculator? If you have already forgotten th..

Toshiba introduced 60GB portable digital media player Gigabeat V - Mp4 Converter November 13,2006

As if you're not already reeling from the 1GB whale-shaped MP3 audio player, Toshiba announced that its Gigabeat V series has bulked up to 6..

iFrogz introduces Tadpole iPod case with cartoon cover for kids - Mp4 Converter November 11,2006

The new Tadpole Apple iPod case from iFrogz puts two silicone handles on an Apple iPod player, giving little hands extra gripping powers.

Marware releases Sportsuit Sprinter for 2G iPod nano from July 13,2007

Marware has introduced Sportsuit Sprinter for the 2G iPod nano (US$24.95), a neoprene case with an adjustable hand strap, vinyl screen and click wheel protection, an iPod dock connector cover, an..

Microsoft plans HD DVD drive for Xbox 360 console - Mp4 Converter October 11,2006

Microsoft has begun seeking manufacturing partners to make an internal HD DVD drive for a redesigned Xbox 360 console, whistle-blowers from ..

iPod accessories turn iPod into useful study tool - Mp4 Converter August 10,2006

With the new semester coming, XtremeMac plans two back-to-school Apple iPod accessories for students. One is MicroMemo (shown above), a digi..

MP3 player with cross concept comes from Russian - Mp4 Converter October 31,2006

The Saint B is an digital MP3 player concept out of Russia. The unit hangs around your..

World's Worst Scratched iPod Contest- Mp4 Converter July 17,2006 is looking for the worlds most horribly scratched iPod. Why would t..

iAttire produces Halloween dress for your iPod - Mp4 Converter October 31,2006

iAttire has decided that it is also appropriate for your iPod music player to d..

Contour Design produces iSee nano V2 case for 2G iPod nano - Mp4 Converter October 18,2006

Contour Design has unveiled its iSee nano V2, a clear case for Apple's 2G iPod nano..

Zune Marketplace may replace MSN Music - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

Once its Zune media player goes on sale November 14, Microsoft plans to shut do..

Helmet MP3 player names after its shape - Mp4 Converter October 31,2006

Here comes the Helmet MP3 player which gets the name after its shape. This Helmet ..

E! Entertainment and Apple Computer begins their partnership, three TV episodes are available on iTunes Music Store - Mp4 Converter August 1,2006

New weekly episodes of the second season of hit series "The Girls Next Door," which debuts July 30 on E!, "The Soup," E!..

Thomson announces three DAPs and a PMP for Europe --Mp4 Converter August 4,2006

RCA-parent Thomson announced three new MP3 players for the European market today, ..

iLuv's i80 Records Video to iPod, video iPod recorder - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

iLuv has introduced the i80, which enables the owners of video iPod players to record video directly from an analog source to the devices. I..

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