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World's Worst Scratched iPod Contest- Mp4 Converter

Updated July 17,2006 is looking for the worlds most horribly scratched iPod. Why would they go and do a thing like that? Why, to showcase their abilities, of course.

ColorEnvy not only provide you with an iPod of any color under the sun; they also fully refurbish scratched and marred iPods, bestowing upon them a like-new sheen. In order to prove how much better a repaired iPod can look, ColorEnvy is holding a contest...

    "If you would like to participate in the contest all you need to do is send us a picture of your scratched iPod. We would like it if you include a story regarding how you scratched it, but it is not necessary. All pics will be featured in our gallery. This contest is completely subjective and will be judged by our technicians. We do welcome comments from our visitors regarding which one they think should win, and why.

    If we choose you, you'll get your iPod refurbished and painted in any color you want, as well as getting a free do it yourself scratch repair kit, to keep the iPod looking new in the event of a mishap."
Act fast - the contest ends on August 1, 2006.


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