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Compare HD DVD and Blu-ray directly by identical source material - Mp4 Converter August 10,2006

Warner Home Video just released 'Training Day' 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' and 'Rumor Has It' on Blu-ray following their debut on HD DVD last mont..

PQI U510 -- World's Thinnest Flash Card - Mp4 Converter April 26,2006

PQI Taiwan released the world's thinnest flash drive, yeh, as slim as you can't imagine. This little flash card is only 3mm thick and is no ..

Microsoft Zune will have both music and video - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006

Microsoft's new Zune media player will ship pre-loaded w..

A639 Pocket PC from Asus - Mp4 Converter June 15,2006

We have caught the rumors after glanced at the things of Windows Mobile show at Computex that there will be a new Asus A63..

New Sony PSP will come spring 2007 - Mp4 Converter October 25,2006

From the Holy Shit department of our esteemed relative in the basement Kotaku, we hear leakage about the upcoming Sony Playstation Portable,..

Toshiba HD DVD player will debut in Europe this November - Mp4 Converter September 28,2006

 Toshiba will bring its first living room HD DVD player to Europe in November, the company announced. It will follow up the mainstream ..

French Law Has Minimal Influence on Apple - Mp4 Converter March 21,2006

Towards French National Assembly's vote to open copy-protection technologies on music stores and degital audio devices, Apple Computer made ..

Analyst predicts Apple will release two iPhone models - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

Apple Computer plans to introduce twoiPod-based cell phone models in the first q..

Apple Japan executive stepped down - Mp4 Converter July 13,2006

Apple Computer on Tuesday confirmed that Vice President of Marketing Yoshiaki Sakito, one of its top executives in Japan, has stepped down.<..

Viewpoint On Origami - Mp4 Converter March 15,2006

Here we go again. In its unending capitalistic quest, Microsoft is determined to figure out how to sell people their compu..

ViewDock helps you to watch iPod video on large screen - Mp4 Converter November 5,2006

Shown last month at the Apple Expo in Paris, ViewSonic today officially launched its "Made for iPod" ViewDock desktop widescreen L..

Wireless-stereo PMP iubi Blue, portable media player - Mp4 Converter July 3,2006

UK retailer Advanced MP3 Players has launched what it reckons is a portable media player capable of "taking on the big boys" - a w..

Convey Video Directly to iPod - Mp4 Converter April 27,2006

Thousands people grabs iPod player but rare people use it as video capture device. But now Bella's Catapult serves us right, it can hook up ..

iSymphony M2 DVD Micro Music System with Apple iPod dock - Mp4 Converter November 9,2006

iSymphony M2 DVD Micro Music System is a DVD player which feat..

Maxian D900 portable digital media player - Mp4 Converter November 2,2006

Here is another portable digital media player comes from Korea, the Maxian D900 PMP. The Maxian D900 portable media player..

Multimedia keyboard integrates with iPod and Zune - Mp4 Converter August 30,2006

Razer is extremely famous for its line of pro-gaming mice, and the new Razer Pro|Type multimedia keyb..

Microsoft changes its MP3 player name to Zune - Mp4 Converter July 13,2006

 Our inboxes are on fire with brand new information about the new

iPhone, iPod messenger clues in latest iPod software - Mp4 Converter July 19,2006

Overwhelmed with anticipation, some fans of Apple Computer's iPod players are ripping through software code to find clues about what the com..

Thanko released FM transmitter for all version of iPod - Mp4 Converter September 20,2006

Japan Thanko just released a FM transmitter for all version of the iPod. This iPod FM transmitter is just like others which can free your iP..

Sony Ericsson Unveils its Smartphone M600 - Mp4 Converter March 13,2006

Sony Ericsson held its press conference in the morning of Feb 28,2006, unveiling their new flagship GSM/UMTS smartphone M600, which supports..

Nike+iPod Sport Kit help you to exercise with fun - Mp4 Converter August 3,2006

"Running can sometimes be a painful chore, but the Nike + iPod Sport Kit not only puts the fun back into burning calories, it can boost..

iPod touch screen interface patent filed - Mp4 Converter July 26,2006

 Apple has filed a patent that unveils details regarding a touch screen interface to be used in a f..

New Sony Camcorders Record in HD- Mp4 Converter July 25,2006

Sony earlier this week unveiled two new Handycam camcorders which can record in full 1080i HD resolution and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround soun..

Apple Declared French Law to be 'State-Sponsored Piracy' - Mp4 Converter March 21,2006

Several days ago, we released a news that France government was going to pa..

Forecast HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc compete and co-exist - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

Consider the nearing fight between next-generation optical disc formats HD DVD and Blu..

Thomson's film grain for HD DVD: if you can't play it, fake it - Mp4 Converter July 19,2006

 With all this crazy money being spent on rolling out new standards like HD ..

RCA Released Lyra X3000 20GB PMP, new portable media player - Mp4 Converter March 28,2006

RCA newly released the Lyra X3000 portable media player at the CES 2006. Walmart has currently an exclusive RCA X3000 to be sold at 388.87.<..

Thomson's film grain for HD DVD: if you can't play it, fake it -- Mp4 Converter August 4,2006

With all this crazy money being spent on rolling out new standards like HD DVD

doPi iPod adapter for iPod - Mp4 Converter September 25,2006

The doPi iPod adapter let's you belt out Gloria Gaynor's most famous track anywhere you have an iPod music player. The doPi system lets you ..

Red iPod nano player hits the market now - Mp4 Converter November 7,2006

Take a peek at the Apple Store and you'll see a new addition to the iPod family slipped into the lineup with no notice: now there's an 8GB <..

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