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Six best iPod accessories - Mp4 Converter

Updated August 29,2006

T3 gives you the lowdown on some of the weird and wonderful ways you can pimp your iPod.

Nike+iPod Sport Kit, £19

Transform your regular jog into a symphony of calorie-blazing beauty with this cheap Nike+iPod Sport kit. A cough sweet-sized sensor slips into a special cavity under the sole of any Nike "+" trainer (sneakers sold separately, natch) and a small receiver plugs into your iPod nano.

Go running and your iPod nano will now tell you - via a voice through your headphones - time, distance, pace and calories burned. If you start flagging you can hold the centre button and a preselected, adrenaline-charged "PowerSong" will play - we recommend The Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane."

Back at home you can sync it with your computer and compare performance online with other runners around the world. Great stuff.

Shure E2g headphones, £80

Yes, you read that right: £80 for a pair of headphones. In-ear ones too. But these aren't any old cans - these are the some fine-ass noise-isolating headphones, ideal for use with Apple's ice-white icon.

Rather than use fancy electronics to cancel outside noise, these basically fill your ears completely with foam, blocking out external babble and letting you "get down" to Dr DRE's latest "joint" in peace and quiet.

While not quite a match for Shure's E4g headphones (which cost a scrotum-shrinking £220), they also produce a very nice sound indeed - which gets them T3's official thumbs-up.

H20 Audio case and headphones, £90

Take your iPod swimming with this cunningly-named H20 waterproof kit. The case seals your precious mobile music-vault but also lets you maintain control and see the screen, while the headphones gconvert themselves to your shell-likes and pump out music through silicone earplugs.

You can't take it deep-sea diving, but it will work to a depth of 3m/10ft - so snorkelling whilst listening to Wet Wet Wet, the Waterboys and Air Supply is in. Oh, and make sure you've downloaded the special "iTuna" software first - ha ha HA!

Altec Lansing InMotion 7, £200

Forget Apple's bloated, brick-like iPod Hi-Fi - this squat cylindrical powerhouse is our favourite iPod speaker dock. When not busting out lively, bass-heavy tunes with plenty of clarity it can connect to your telly via an S-Video cable and display photos and videos.

Unlike some iPod docks, the InMotion is also portable - although you'll need to feed it no less than eight D batteries to keep it pumping out music on the move. It works with any iPod except the Shuffle, so what the hell are you waiting for?

Belkin TuneBase FM, £60

This is more than just an in-car charger for your iPod nano - it's also packing an FM transmitter, which means you can beam the contents of your 'Pod over the airwaves to your motor's stereo!

Sound quality is surprisingly good, although you do notice a spot of interference during quieter stuff - bad news for all you James Blunt and Sandi Thom fans out there (but you probably deserve it anyway), and we like the fact you can adjust the mount to ensure you get a good view of your iPod nano's screen at all times.

iBikeMount, £20                                   

If you can't work out what this does from the name, there's no hope for you. Yes - it's a bicycle mount for an iPod; the iPod nano, to be precise. The mount slips over your bike's handlebars and can then be secured in place ready to gconvert your iPod nano while you saddle up, annoy motorists and pay scant attention to the Highway Code.

No tools are required to fix the mount in place, and it makes a nice change from slipping the player into your pocket. Just don't start browsing tunes and end up cycling on to the motorway, OK?

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