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Alternatives of Apple iPod - Mp4 Converter

Updated October 18,2006

Every holiday shopping season since the take-over of the Apple iPod consumers ask themselves if there is a viable alternative to the dominant Apple iPod. MP3 Newswire (via Slashdot) compiled a comprehensive list of 29 MP3 players that could be alternatives to the Apple iPod.

The list shines through its number of listed MP3 players. They forgot one interesting player, the new MobiBlu Cube2.

Some of them I would not have listed though. Below I highlight the ones I think are recommendable in my mind.


I definitely think consumers have more choice of quality digital audio and video players this holiday season than ever before. Depending on what they want to use the MP3 player for, there are great choices besides the Apple iPod players.

The Sony NW-S205F sports DAP is great for those of you who want a small MP3 player with built-in pedometer and other features for running. I also like the newly announced noise canceling Sony NW-S700F series. If it really works, these are Bose killers.

No one offers a portable video player with a larger hard-drive than Archos with the Archos 504 160GB PMP. So if movie watching on the go is your thing, this is the one.

The new Sirius Stiletto 100 is the must have device for people who need there satellite radio stations all the time.

If the iRiver S10 would be available in the US, I would recommend that one too. I also like though the new tiny iPod shuffle.

The ease of use of the Apple players and iTunes is still a big argument for the Apple iPod players. The big brands like Sandisk and Sony have catched up, but lots of smaller brand players still have issues there.

I am on the fence regarding the Microsoft Zune MP3 Player. The DRM aspects are just too confusing for me right now to decide weather to recommend it or not. The first real reviews will give answers to that question.

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