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Steve Jobs talks no threat of Zune and the development of iPod - Mp4 Converter October 18,2006

Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs said he does not see Microsoft's community-centric Zune device as a threat to his company's iPod d..

XtremeMac unveils TuffWrap silicon case for iPod nano - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

XtremeMac has introduced a new TuffWrap silicone case designed to fit the latest version of the iPod nano, which has iPod dock and headphone..

Gear4 BluEye enables your iPod to be a phone alternative - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

 Sick and tired of waiting for the iPod cellphone? Gear4 BluEye lets you make and take calls from your Apple iPod player. It also gives..

Apple new patent indicates the iTV remote control - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

Apple last week published a patent titled "Apparatus and method to facilitate universal remote control," which seems to describe t..

Sony Ericsson released its K800 and X790 camera phones - Mp4 Converter October 18,2006

Sony Ericsson has announced a pair of silver-look limited edition version of its K800 and X790 camera phones to cash in on upcoming Bond fli..

Sharp SH903iTV the combination of cellphone and TV - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

Sharp takes us ever closer to a proper cellphone/TV hybrid with the SH903iTV, a clamshell that will be a part of Japans's NTTDoCoMo's lineup..

ILive Home Docking System turns the iPod into a home entertainment system - Mp4 Converter October 17,2006

ILive's Home Docking System is another attempt to integrate the Apple iPod player into a home entertainment system. This Home Docking System..

H2O Audio made waterproof case for 80GB iPod - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

NEW YORK, NY -- H2O Audio, maker of waterproof iPod cases, displayed their latest case for the 80GB iPod at a recent ShowStoppers press even..

Now red iPod nano is shipping - Mp4 Converter October 17,2006

 Here's the iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED, and It has the same specs and price as Apple's other 4GB iPod nanos, except $10 of its $199 purcha..

Cowon's new iAUDIO F2 audio player has cellphone appearance - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

Don't be befooled by Cowon's new iAUDIO F2 digital audio MP3 player. Its appearance just looks like a cellphone. This portable digital media..

Clear View Skins for iPod - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

Even though iPod music players are priced reasonably, they still aren't exactly cheap. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot to keep..

Haier introduces the smallest phone Black Pearl - Mp4 Converter October 18,2006

 The Haier Black Pearl is honestly the smallest phone we've ever seen. It's hard to get a sense of how small it is from the picture, bu..

Griffin iKaraoke helps enjoying Karaoke with your iPod - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

Can't afford your own karaoke-singing robot girlfriend? Griffin's next trick is iKaraoke, a little device that sends your iPod music player'..

Creative removed FM recording functionality from Zen Vision:M players - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

Bowing to RIAA pressure, Creative's released a new firmware update that removes FM recording functionality from already-released Zen Vision:..

Rumor 6G touchscreen iPod is coming soon - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

We have heard lots of rumors about the iPod touchscreen model before. This one can be called the much more confirmed. The ..

First 10MP camera phone comes from Samsung - Mp4 Converter October 17,2006

The Samsung SCH-B600 10MP camera phone which is first released at CeBIT is coming soon. This Samsung SCH-B600 is the first 10MP camera phone..

iStyles introduces its new Autumn Designer Skins collection for video iPod - Mp4 Converter October 18,2006

 iStyles has launched its new Autumn Designer Skins Collection for the video iPod, as well as first- and second-generation iPod nano. T..

BestBuy will cooperate with SanDisk and RealNetworks to provide music service - Mp4 Converter October 15,2006

BestBuy announced that they will be teaming up with SanDisk and RealNetworks to create a music download service that will supposedly compete..

Apple maybe going to support both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

Apple may be preparing to support not only Blu-ray Disc but also HD DVD, it has emerged. The next major relase of the Mac OS X operating sys..

Game Tex released anywhere PSP holder - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

We've seen a few car-oriented Sony PlayStation Portable peripherals, but none as versatile as this one. Game Tex Japan offers this $13 sucti..

Haier new 46-inch LCD TV can record video without VCR - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

Here's one less piece of electronics equipment that you need to worry about. Haier Korea has announced its new 46-inch LCD TV, which is capa..

Belkin released TuneStage II Bluetooth iPod adapter and receiver - Mp4 Converter October 22,2006

Belkin just released a new iPod accessory which turns the iPod music player into a remote control. This TuneStage II is Bluetooth iPod adapt..

Programming from Showtime is available from Amazon Unbox video download service - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

Amazon's Unbox video download service now offers original programming from the Showtime premium cable network. announced ..

IH19 shaking-resistant iPod dock - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

This is the IH19 Apple iPod dock. If you have ever been worried about that beloved iPod player hard drive getting damaged from shaking, this..

PBS joined Apple iTunes Store - Mp4 Converter October 22,2006

PBS joined the lineup at the iTunes Store on Tuesday. The children's shows Arthur, Cyberchase, and FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman, along with Anti..

Yellow Dog Linux V5.0 works with the PS3 - Mp4 Converter October 23,2006

The PlayStation 3 may have a great/awful Gamepad, and pretty decent online functionality, but can it run Linux? Yes. Yes it can. Yellow Dog ..

Sansa e200R series of digital audio players are available through Best Buy - Mp4 Converter October 22,2006

With the announcement of the upcoming Best Buy Digital Music Store (powered by RealNetwork's Rhapsody 4.0) came firm details about the previ..

Philips Shoqbox PSS120 MP3 player available at Tanga - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

Have you ever heard this name Tanga? No. Me neither. I just knew it several minutes earlier than you. This definition is from Tanga, it is t..

VidaBox Media Center plays both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

We've pretty much had it with the whole HD DVD vs Blu-ray war, but if you've got your heart set on owning both formats, the VidaBox Dual HD ..

Portable media player P-1000T with DVB-T USB stick - Mp4 Converter October 20,2006

The Shic P-1000T portable media player has lots of similarity with its predecessor, the P-1000 PMP, while it does come som..

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