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Rumor 6G touchscreen iPod is coming soon - Mp4 Converter

Updated October 20,2006

We have heard lots of rumors about the iPod touchscreen model before. This one can be called the much more confirmed. The Trusted Reviews leeks the information that Apple will release 6G touchscreen iPod in December. The reporter Gordon Kelly of Trusted Reviews got the information from an extremely well informed exec who works at a company producing iPod accessories.

In her report Kelly writes "In a very matter of fact tone I was told that the product was not designed for the current generation of device, but the official 6G iPod (the current generation is referred to as 5.5) which is to be released in December. His company's device only come onto the market shortly before then and would benefit hugely because the new iPod would sport a screen that filled the full side of the device and consequently offer higher resolution video." Also the tipper released that the touchscreen iPod will has 480p resolution.

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