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Clear View Skins for iPod - Mp4 Converter

Updated October 20,2006

Even though iPod music players are priced reasonably, they still aren't exactly cheap. But that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot to keep it looking new, and that's exactly how the makers of the Clear View Skins for the iPod music player feel, too.

Initially I was concerned about applying a Clear View Skin to my iPod nano player since the skin must be wet when installed, and once it's on, you have to destroy it to take it off. Removing the skin leaves your iPod player intact and residue free, but it's still a bit daunting at first. Ultimately, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with my iPod player's finished appearance.

The Clear View Skins iPod covers are made from the same clear material that the military uses to protect helicopter blades from damage. It is flexible enough that it conforms nicely to the iPod player's shape, and is next to impossible to see once it sets up.

The Clear View Skins are available is sizes for the video capable iPod player and the iPod nano player, and include specially cut parts for the front, back and sides, and iPod Click Wheel.

Application is easy enough. You need a very mild soap solution to wet the individual pieces so that they are easy to move around into just the right place. Once in position, you need to squeegee the air bubbles out. I missed a couple on the back of my iPod nano player, but after a couple of days the disappeared.

The only drawback I found during installation is the time commitment. Don't start this project if you are leaving town in 20 minutes. You want to set aside enough time to properly apply each piece - a process that took me about 45 minutes. You should also let the Clear View Skins set up at least overnight before using your iPod player. Ideally, you should wait a couple of days.

My Clear View Skin has held up admirably through a few weeks of daily use, and isn't showing any signs of wear. It does not, however, protect from accidental drops - this skin is designed just to keep your shiny new iPod player from getting scratched.

The Bottom Line
Clear View Skins for the iPod player and iPod nano player are simple, and do their job well. If you are looking for a reliable, durable and inexpensive cover to keep your iPod player from scratching, this skin is worth the time it takes to apply. Your iPod player will still fit in cases and work with Apple iPod accessories, and your friends may not even know it's there.

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