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Another portable media player from Korean: QCOX - Mp4 Converter August 25,2006

Here's yet another portable media player that is available in the Korean market. Manufactured by Curon, the QCOX comes in an interestingly d..

Loudeye will target Nokia handsets just as the iTunes Music Store targets iPod - Mp4 Converter August 21,2006

Nokia is to buy Loudeye, the US digital music company that owns On-Demand Distribution (OD2), the European music download supplier started b..

Special portable audio player from Korea named Egge - Mp4 Converter August 7,2006

 This special designed portable audio player is really eye-catching. It looks like an egg, while this one would not break easily. There..

Casio upgrades its Exilim Card EX-S770, get MPEG-4 movie shooting - Mp4 Converter August 21,2006

Casio has enhanced its reed-thin Exilim Zoom EX-Z7..

FlipSkin case for 5G video iPod, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter August 10,2006

Here is a case for 5G video iPod player. Speck Products just released its FlipSkin case for the 5G video iPod player. The FlipSkin case got ..

Detailed information about Sony mylo - Mp4 Converter August 21,2006

Sony is launching its first WiFi broadband communication and entertainment device to capitalize on the growth of wireless Internet access. T..

Zoom Technology ships its new iHiFi wireless transmitter for iPod - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006
Zoom Technologies today began shipping its new iHiFi wireless transm..
Seagate plans 120GB hard drive for iPod - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006

Hard drive manufacturer Seagate Technologies plans to release a 120GB hard drive that's suitable for iPods by December this year.


Apple filing suggests wireless iPod concept - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006

Apple Computer's iPod music players could gain wireless capabilities through an enhanced docking station before such capabilities are actual..

Mcody M20 slim MP3 player debuts in Britain - Mp4 Converter August 25,2006

UK digital music player retailer Advanced MP3 Players has brought to Britain what could be the first digital music player to ..

Pricing guess of portable music player Microsoft Zune - Mp4 Converter August 30,2006

It looks like the Zune is going to launch at $299, according to retailers that are set to sell the Microsoft portable music player. TWICE ha..

Searchable video will be available from Viddler - Mp4 Converter August 29,2006

As nearly everyone and his brother tries to figure out how to monetize a video site on the Interwebs like YouTube, in comes Viddler, an idea..

Portable Media Player KOID Solvo S330 comes from Korea, PMP - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006

Here is another portable media player from Korea Koid Solvo S330. This PMP features a four-inch TFT LCD screen and very neat button design. ..

iPod speaker system iBall gets lower price, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006

There Oregon Scientific iBall is a wireless speaker system for your iPod music player, and the company just lowered their price from $249 do..

Teac released iPod dock compatible CD player, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter August 30,2006

Teac has introduced a couple of extremely slim CD players equipped with svelte speakers and a subwoofer to knock your socks off. The CD-X10i..

Get refurbished iPod and Apple products with lower price - Mp4 Converter August 29,2006

Apple has lowered prices on refurbished iPod players and iPod nano players. Apple also still has some 'reborn to rock' bundles on refurbishe..

NHC released a new PMP Muvia ADY-30512, portable media player - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

NHC has released the Muvia ADY-30512, yet another portable media player that's probably on the fast track to nowhere. The Muvia portable med..

Sonic Gear released latest speaker system for iPod, iPod speaker system - Mp4 Converter August 29,2006


Sonic Gear's latest iPod speaker system is different from the rest as it comes enclosed in a wooden case that houses a retro-..

iPod accessory again, iPod Nano Uptown Clutch wallet, iPod Nano case - Mp4 Converter August 29,2006

As tired as we all are of iPod accessory, this Pacific Design iPod Nano Uptown Clutch wallet seems pretty neat. This iPod Nano case looks ju..

doPi iPod adapter for video iPod, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

The doPi iPod adapter enables you to enjoy the music feast with your iPod music player anywhere. Using the doPi iPod adapt..

Auto2 for PS3 passed the internal test - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

It looks like things aren't going as badly for Sony as we thought, as the online portion of their PlayStation 3 is at least usable enough fo..

AudioStation Express the smaller version of iPod dock AudioStation - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

The AudioStation Express is a smaller version of the regular

Apple claims no Wi-Fi iPod - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

This is pretty crazy, given that Apple's asshole puckers up tighter than a snare drum regarding statements about future products. The DigiTi..

Logitech released new iPod dock AudioStation, iPod speakers - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006

It's a big week for Logitech, not only releasing

Nintendo DS web browser will hit Europe October 6th - Mp4 Converter August 29,2006

The Nintendo DS Opera web browser is set to land on European soil October 6th. In case you don't remember, the web browser used the WiFi con..

Portable media player Egokast, PMP - Mp4 Converter August 30,2006

Talk about racking up the bling factor in your wardrobe. The Egokast is a portable media player that is sm..

Most teenagers want an iPod for new school year, MP3 player - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006

US teenagers want notebook computers and iPods for the new school year, a survey reveals.

As many as 70 percent of 13-to-17-year-old..

Sony unveiled its 50GB dual layer Blu-ray discs - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006

It's been an industry non-secret that manufacturers have had an easier time making dual-layer HD DVD discs than dual layer Blu-ray discs. He..

Apple puts into legal means to against companies using the word Pod - Mp4 Converter September 1,2006

Apple is stepping up legal threats against companies it accuses of infringing its trademarks. The computer giant Apple has written to two US..

Sony will release pink PlayStation2 this November, pink PS2 - Mp4 Converter September 4,2006

Sony has answered every [UK] boy and girl's wish just in time for the holidays with the announced release of a pink-colored version of its P..

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