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Searchable video will be available from Viddler - Mp4 Converter

Updated August 29,2006

As nearly everyone and his brother tries to figure out how to monetize a video site on the Interwebs like YouTube, in comes Viddler, an idea that just might work. The major innovation of Viddler is its searchable video, where uploaders tag certain sections of a video and then viewers can search within it, finding whatever spot they're looking for quickly and easily. Viewers can add tags and comments to specific sections of the video as well.

Another neat trick will be the ability to embed these searchable videos on other sites while specifying exactly which part of the video will begin playing. Plus, there is an improvement in the user interface over that of YouTube, where you'll be able to upload videos without interrupting your experience within the Viddler site.

This looks like the next step in online video, and maybe one of these ideas will actually turn out to be a sustainable business model. Viddler's plan is to earn its money from subscriptions for premium features. It's in a private beta now, set to launch in September. - Charlie White

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