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iPod accessories go odd, iPod case and iPod dock - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

"The early, runaway success of Apple Computer's iPod music player has spawned a whole ecosystem of third-party suppliers pushing Apple ..

Apple says iPod sales slow, but profit jumps - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

Apple Computer on Wednesday reported a 47.5 percent jump in profit for the quarter, in spite of a dip in the sales of its iconic iPod music ..

Apple to ace the iPod click-wheel? Not likely. - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

Nothing starts the day like a freshly squeezed Apple rumor, right? Well you're looking at 10 supposed iPod music player (and one iPhone?) &q..

Start to exercise with iTRAIN program and iPod - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

With the release of the Nike+iPod Sports Kit, exercise has taken a new dimension. The good people at iTRAIN have developed 10 core workouts ..

Samsung to present two new 'S' series cameras - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

AVING-KOREA] Samsung announced the launch of two new ‘S’ Series models within its Premium line of Samsu..

Buy refurbished iPods with free accessories from Apple - Mp4 Converter July 25,2006

 Is it good news for you? May be, may be not. Now Apple provides refurbished Apple iPod with various accessories. Apple offers a full t..

Sport iPod and iPod nano cases, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter July 25,2006

We're so jaded about iPod cases and their ilk that it's a rare day when we even cover them any more, but this Griffin Tempo Sport Armband fo..

Technonia IXING TM-S2 MP3 player shares some design similarities with the iPod nano - Mp4 Converter July 19,2006

The IXING TM-S2 digital audio MP3 player from Technonia shares some design similarities with the iPod nano player. Measuring just 7mm slim, ..

Microsoft planning WiFi-enabled portable media player, working on MVNO for next year - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

Ok, by now it's more or less an open secr..

iPod was blamed for creating deaf generation - Mp4 Converter July 25,2006

Today's children seem set to go deaf up to 30-years earlier than their parents, new research claims.

Deafness Research UK warns that..

Apple plans for mobile phone iPod - Mp4 Converter July 25,2006

Apple's iPod player, iTunes and other music products continue to expand its business - and the company hinted at exciting news ahead for the..

VIA announces VX700 chipset for UMPCs - Mp4 Converter July 19,2006

Hinted at last month by Microsoft, chip maker VIA has officially announced its VX700 chipset for Ultra Mobile PCs (otherwise known as UMPCs,..

Apple to response Microsoft by adding new features to iPod - Mp4 Converter July 24,2006

Facing the upcoming Microsoft Zune player, the analyst Andrew Neff from Bear Stearns Equity Research expects that Apple responses to Microso..

Microwave comes with a bonus iPod table radio - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

Those folks at Target really know what the people want. They are offering up a combination Emerson .7 cubic foot microwave and a bo..

Sony under fire for July 21,2006

Sony, seriously, this is getting out of hand. Every time we want to rethink what you're doing and try to back you guys up, you go and pull s..

Samsung released the SC-X210WL wireless helmet camcorder - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

Samsung has released the SC-X210WL wireless helmet camcorder that enables you to capture all your daredevil moments on video while keeping b..

Kuro Dock claims to be the smallest iPod dock, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

 Nowadays more and more iPod docks are produced. Recently the iPod dock family got a new number the Kuro Dock which claimed to be the s..

iPod case from VakaaDoo, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter July 28,2006

VakaaDoo is an accessory manufacturer for entertainment devices and have jumped on the iPod bandwagon by introducing the iVak Domino Series ..

Babylon 5, Friends and more shows are available at iTunes Music Store - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006

Thanks to an announcement from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, fans of Babylon 5, Friends, MADtv (there are fans..

More iPod speaker systems: iH31 and iH19 from iHome - Mp4 Converter July 25,2006

If the iPod ran for president, it'd probably win at this point, what with all the outside support it receives from companies looking to make..

H2O Audio released waterproof case for iPod Shuffle - Mp4 Converter July 25,2006

 H2O Audio always provides accessories for Apple iPod player. This time it turns to the inexpensive brethren. It just launched a Waterp..

First 4x Blu-ray burner from Hitachi-LG - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006

Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) just revealed its so called world first 4x Blu-ray burner. The Blu-ray burner GBW-H10N can record the discs a..

Memorex plans a video player for 5G iPod - Mp4 Converter July 26,2006

The 5G iPod is a great video player except for its 2.5-inch screen. Now with the help of this iFlip you can view video on a larger screen of..

Further detailed information about Microsoft Zune - Mp4 Converter July 25,2006

We got a peek at the Billboard Mag piece on the Microsoft Zune player, which for all the buzz that's been going around, is fairly light on d..

SightSpeed 5.0 advanced Video Codec unveiled -- Mp4 Converter July 28,2006

SightSpeed 5.0 rolls out tonight, and it's bringing 30fps IP video calls that are reportedly jaw-dropping. The software SightSpeed 5.0 and w..

World first mini-multimedia player BlueQ is coming - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006

Korean manufacturer IOPS says it's ready to ship what it calls the world's first mini-multimedia player capable of 30fps playback, the BlueQ..

Apple and Facebook partner up for back-to-school iTunes promo - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006

Amongst many exciting things announced today in Apple-land is a

Synaptics may play role in next-gen iPods - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006

Apple Computer may once again tap Synaptics, Inc. to help supply touch interface components for its next-generation iPod digital music playe..

OraCom UB-890 portable media player - Mp4 Converter July 26,2006

OraCom's new portable media player, the UB-890, is rather different from its counterparts considering it comes with only a 2" screen th..

Canvas case for iPod nanao, iPod accessory iPod case - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006

Most Apple iPod cases lend a futuristic, techno feel to the most popular portable digital media player on the planet, but Canvas Sport from ..

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