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Maycom Introduces New PMP Mbird xz-22 - Mp4 Converter April 2,2006

Maycom, a Korean multimedia device manufacturer, has introduced a new Portable Multimedia Player (PMP) named Mbird XZ-22 that is 48.6 x 89.0..

Onkyo Released HDC-7 Viiv Media PC - Mp4 Converter April 16,2006

Did you notice the above picture, well, the little box, is HDC-7 Viiv media PC , is now ready for its official appearance, with lots of acce..

Sony Introduces Ceramic White PSP - Mp4 Converter April 4,2006

Sony introduces in Japan a Ceramic White Sony PSP Cor package sold at 20,790 yen, tax included. Equals to $175, which can't said to be too e..

Samsung Q1 to Launch in America on May 1st - Mp4 Converter April 16,2006

Samsung is planning to hold its press conference in San Francisco, to mainly declare its official release of Samsung Q1 UMPC. Indications po..

New BMW Interface for iPod - Mp4 Converter April 12,2006

BMW has declared to the public that it has designed a new iPod interface for the newest generation of BMW models.

BMW says the new &..

Sonos ZonePlayer 80 Bundle Sold at $999 - Mp4 Converter April 10,2006

Sonos today released the Sonos ZonePlayer 80 Bundle, the new wireless multi-room digital music systems. The Sonos ZonePlay..

Samsung Camera Features PMP - Mp4 Converter April 4,2006

Samsung is very proud of its Samsung i6 camera, calls itself "world's first PMP slim camera", for this Digimax i6 camera features ..

Panasonic Announced Blu-ray Disc Writer--LF-MB121 JD - Mp4 Converter April 24,2006

Panasonic announced LF-MB121JD, Blu-ray disc writer for PCs in Japan.

Panasonic LF-MB121JD Blu-ray disc writer can burn 11 Blu-ray, ..

Logitec Released External Blu-ray Disc Writer-- LBD-A2FU2/WM - Mp4 Converter April 24,2006

Japanese Logitec declared four Blue-ray disc writer drives, one of which, namely called LBD-A2FU2/WM, gets technology supp..

Cowon newly Releases iAudio 6, Features MP4 Video - Mp4 Converter April 4,2006

Cowon newly released the iAudio 6 at the CES 2006. The iAudio 6 portable digital media player is equipped with 4GB 0.85 inch HDD, has a 1.3 ..

Toshiba Gigabeat S is Coming soon in Japan - Mp4 Converter April 10,2006

I bet you must have heard about Toshiba Gigabeat S for more than one time, but now it's really coming in this month. Toshi..

Apple to Adopt Blu-ray Disc for Video Content? - Mp4 Converter April 25,2006

Apple Computer may be seeking to get full length movies and other content in iPod format added to upcoming Blu-ray disc mo..

iPod dock i1055 from iLuv- another Sonic Impact K1, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter June 15,2006

Is it an interesting thing to make an iPod dock with a 7-inch screen? Here is this i1055 Video System from iLuv for the iP..

Latest portable media player from Aigo MP-P335 - Mp4 Converter June 30,2006

GenerationMP3 got a first look at the latest portable media player from Aigo. The MP-P335 is a 30GB portable media player that supports MP3,..

Review of Samsung's Helix YX-M1 XM radio - Mp4 Converter May 9,2006

 According to Gregorian calendar, the Samsung Helix's supposed to be released on April 25th 2006. While it is disappointed to see there..

iPod software updated for video iPod, nano, shuffle - Mp4 Converter July 3,2006

Apple has released iPod Updater 2006-06-28. The iPod software is available..

Cellphone and media hub will come from Apple - Mp4 Converter May 11,2006

Walt Mossberg revealed that Apple dedicates itself to produce a cellphone and a home-media hub in an article of the Wall S..

Sony provides support format to Apple, offering digital music management software Sonic Stage - Mp4 Converter May 10,2006

The new version of Sonic Stage, Sony's digital music management software will support the AAC audio format for Apple. Sony has already suppo..

Softbank Denies to Co-develop Apple iTunes Phone - Mp4 Converter May 15,2006

In a brief statement, Softbank claims that there is no such a thing as cooperation with Apple to develop Apple iTunes mobi..

Apple updates iTunes, iPod code - Mp4 Converter July 4,2006

Apple has not only updated its iTunes music jukebox software but made a number of tweaks to various iPods' firmware. Both updates are availa..

Features of Viliv P2 portable media player, new PMP - Mp4 Converter June 30,2006

Hot diggity damn, this thing does everything and can even make toast, to boot. The spec sheet has gone live for the Viliv P2 portable digita..

Nintendo's new console gets the name Wii - Mp4 Converter April 29,2006

Revolution was just a codename, now Nintendo’s next-generation console gets its official name Wii (pronounced ‘we’). It ma..

Sony Ericsson's new Walkman phones-W710i and W850i - Mp4 Converter May 21,2006

 Sony Ericsson will release two new Walkman phones, W710i and W850i handsets.

Sony Ericsson W710i may be favored by sports fans..

Instant Handbrake Released Beta Version - Mp4 Converter April 27,2006

It might be a great news for numerous iPod fans! Handbrake released the beta version of

Archos Update Gmini-500 to 80GB Storage Capacity - Mp4 Converter April 26,2006

We actually don't know when this does come true, but we know of an 80GB version of Archos Gmini-500 the official website only lists 30 &..

Neuros released upgrade of Neuros Recorder 2 for iPod video - Mp4 Converter July 4,2006

 Neuros Technology has released a firmware upgrade for MPEG-4 Recorder 2. This upgrade of MPEG-4 Recorder 2 can deliver sharper video f..

Red version of iPod? - Mp4 Converter May 14,2006

 There are rumors that Apple will release a new iPod alongside its iBook-replacing MacBook next Tuesday. While guys d..

PSP Gets White Version - Mp4 Converter May 16,2006

Today Sony releases the "Ceramic White" PSP in the UK, several months later than its appearance in Japan.

This portable de..

Yahoo ! Go TV Software Officially Released - Mp4 Converter April 26,2006

Yahoo officially released their new Yahoo! Go TV software a mere week after announcing their acquisition. Yahoo! Go TV is ..

Mobits' new X15 UMPCs are coming - Mp4 Converter June 13,2006

Just from the appearance there is noting special of Mobits' new X15 UMPCs, while it is much more interesting in the specs...

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