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LG touts 'super 3G' widescreen slider phone - Mp4 Converter July 3,2006

Korean industrial giant LG this week attempted to attract local buyers with a new HSDPA handset designed to allow them to make video calls i..

Discovery programming is available in iTunes Music Store - Mp4 Converter May 16,2006

Here is some good news for fans of Discovery programming released by Discovery Communications and Apple today. People can ..

France adopts toned down version of download law - Mp4 Converter July 4,2006

PARIS, June 30 (Reuters) - The French parliament on Friday adopted a watered-down version of a law once seen as posing a major threat to the..

Mikimoto got iTheater for your iPod - Mp4 Converter July 4,2006

Do you think it is goofy to ware AV glasses? It may be true, but look at this one and you will change your idea for this case. Mikimoto Bean..

Hackers released firmware downgrade of PSP, change PSP homebrew 2.6 and 2.5 into 1.5 - Mp4 Converter July 4,2006

Maybe this is good news for homebrew fans that hackers have released a firmware downgrade which can change a 2.6 or 2.5 ve..

Jabra bluetooth adapter for iPod is coming - Mp4 Converter July 4,2006

 Since Apple seems to be in no hurry to put Bluetooth in their iPods, Jabra is doing it for them. The Jabra A125s is a small adapter wh..

Cavalry CAPP06 multimedia player, display MPEG-4 movie - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

The Cavalry Pocket Player Multimedia Device is not as standout as other portable multimedia player. While this portable multimedia player Ca..

Goldvish - Mobile Phone for the Ultra Rich - Mp4 Converter July 12,2006

 Swiss Goldvish mobile phones go beyond Nokia's Vertu phones when it comes to price.

Depending on the model, the Goldvi..

Blu-ray Disc writer from BenQ is coming - Mp4 Converter July 4,2006

The Blu-ray Disc writer BenQ BW1000 is coming. The BenQ BW1000 combines three types of lasers to support burning Blu-ray Disc as well as a v..

New iPod with speech capability - Mp4 Converter July 12,2006

Apple's not talking, but the company has filed a patent that shows a next-gen iPod with speech capability, telling you what song will play n..

Digital Cube released Bluedot BMP-1430, PMP - Mp4 Converter July 7,2006

0The Korean portable digital media player Manufacturer Digital Cube will sell to the Japanese company Bluedot..

MyGuide introduces PocketStar - Mp4 Converter July 12,2006

The PocketStar from MyGuide might share the same dimensions as a cellphone, but it packs a potent punch with the capabilities of a full size..

RDS FM transmitter and car charger for your iPod, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

 Kensington released its RDS FM transmitter for iPod. The RDS FM transmitter is capable of sending digital information through the FM b..

Microsoft calls iPod rival reports July 11,2006

Microsoft Corp. has responded to reports that the company is planning a digital media player to rival the iPod, saying those reports are bas..

Quno - Free Web 2.0 Realtime Expert Support - Mp4 Converter July 12,2006

 Quno is a new Web 2.0 service that offers free, live, 24/7 support in real time from a real person on almost any computing, technology..

Microsoft portable media player got the name Argo - Mp4 Converter July 12,2006

In recent news and blurry photos, Microsoft has been teasing us with random details of their upcoming MP3 player. The photo you see comes fr..

Buffalo PC-P4LWAG network player supports Windows Media DRM10 files - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

The PC-P4LWAG network player from Buffalo can now play Windows Media DRM10 files, improving where the previous version fell short in that de..

More information about Microsoft upcoming MP3 player - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

Two new tidbits of Microsoft MP3 player we found from a tipster. One is a WiFi Proximity sensor that works similarly to how movie theatres a..

i-Station T43 PMP From Digital Cube - Mp4 Converter July 4,2006

Thank heavens, another portable media player for us to pick apart. The successor to last year’s

I-O Data BRD-UM2/U Blu-ray USB burner - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

Many people are still sitting on the sidelines when it comes to adopting the next generation Blu-ray standard as prices still remain beyond ..

Micro Memo XRM-IP enables you record voice with your iPod - Mp4 Converter July 12,2006

The iPod has a million and one uses, just like those knives they sell on late night TV. Besides playing your collection of MP3s and iTMS-pur..

Samsung SCH-990 the first 3.2 megapixel cameraphone in the U.S. - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

Verizon Wireless is going after the shutterbug-chatterbox market with the launch of the Samsung SCH-A990 mobile phone in the United States, ..

Europe's MyCokeMusic To Shut Down At Month's End - Mp4 Converter July 12,2006

The iTunes-like service offered by Coca-Cola in a handful of European countries will be discontinued on July 31, due to lackluster interest ..

Voller got fuel cell-based charger for iPod and other PMPs - Mp4 Converter July 7,2006

UK energy company Voller has announced a fuel cell-based recharge system for Apple's iPod digital music player and other MP3 players. The do..

Samsung YA-DS100 YP-Z5 Speaker Dock - Mp4 Converter July 13,2006

When does a player finally become a contender to the iPod? Is it when speaker docks start showing up for it? If so, the Samsung YP-Z5 player..

Apple logo appears on PlayStation 3 site - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

So if you hadn't already heard, when you hit the Sony PlayStation 3 home page yo..

Sanyo Xacti CA6 camera, digital camera - Mp4 Converter July 13,2006

 Here is the Xacti CA6 camera from Sanyo. Don't you think it is cool and stylish from the picture? The design of this Xacti CA6 camera ..

Eye-catching portable media player Max-Movie, new PMP - Mp4 Converter July 7,2006

Maxfield is advertising the portable digital media player Max-Movie as having 1,024 MB of flash memory, and not the consumer-friendly 1GB, s..

Klegg Mini V12 MPEG-4 players debut - Mp4 Converter July 11,2006

Klegg Electronics unveiled its Mini V12 MPEG-4 players, the upgrade of Mini MP3 players (shown above). Compare with the former ones the Mini..

Microsoft to compete with apple ipod with its wireless device - Mp4 Converter July 7,2006

According to Reuters' report, Microsoft will release a wireless digital music and video player to rival Apple's iPod around Christmas time t..

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