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MyGuide introduces PocketStar - Mp4 Converter

Updated July 12,2006

The PocketStar from MyGuide might share the same dimensions as a cellphone, but it packs a potent punch with the capabilities of a full sized, in-dash car navigation system. It is powered by a Samsung ARM9 2440 300MHz processor and boasts a 2.2" color LCD display. Top marks for squeezing in all the features into such a small package, but it will be hard to use the PocketStar as an in-car system due to the small screen real estate. Pre-installed maps are available on an SD card, and the PocketStar is able to handle SD cards up to 2GB in capacity. Other features of this PocketStar include MP3 and MPEG-4 playback capabilities. Here is more specs about this PocketStar:

• CPU: Samsung ARM9 2440-300MHz Processor
• Display: 2.2” TFT LCD Resolution 320 x 240
• Antenna: TBD
• Battery: Un-swappable rechargeable Lithium battery cell, 1100 mAh 5 hrs / 7 hrs
• Power AC to DC Adapter: 100 / 240 VAC power adapter, output 5 VDC, 1 A
• Power Car Charger: Input 10 ~ 30 V, 1.3A Max, Output 5 V, 1A
• Dimensions: 49 mm x 98 mm x 22 mm
• OS: Microsoft Windows CE Net 4.2 Core version
• Languages Multilingual menu: D, UK, F, ES, IT, NL

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