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I-O Data BRD-UM2/U Blu-ray USB burner - Mp4 Converter

Updated July 11,2006

Many people are still sitting on the sidelines when it comes to adopting the next generation Blu-ray standard as prices still remain beyond the reach of the average Joe. I-O Data's BRD-UM2/U Blu-ray USB burner offers similar performance when compared against Pioneer's BDR-101A. 22GB of data took just under 45 minutes to burn, edging out Pioneer's offering by 18 seconds. Unfortunately, the rewrite performance of this Blu-ray burner is very sluggish when put side-by-side with its write-once speed. The BRD-UM2/U Blu-ray USB burner supports dual-layer BD-R and BD-RE as well as reading/writing CDs and DVD RAM. For $999, this is definitely the best value that money can buy for a USB Blu-ray burner.

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