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Apple new patent touchless touchscreen for iPod, new iPod with touchless touchscreen - Mp4 Converter July 28,2006

"Sometimes Apple seems to just patent things for the heck of it. But its latest invention -- a 'touchless' touchscreen for its iconic m..

Michael Dell comments on Apple's Mac, iPod, and iTunes - Mp4 Converter July 26,2006

"In a question-and-answer session during Dell's annual shareholder meeting, Chairman [Michael] Dell was asked how h..

iPod mania at World Cup 2006 - Mp4 Converter July 28,2006

Influential German magazine Der Spiegel has published a report that notes the prevalence of iPod-using footballers during the recent World C..

Bluetooth Mighty Mouse from Apple is coming - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006

Apple has submitted a filing with the FCC for the Bluetooth version of its single-button right-clickable mouse, the Mighty Mouse. The new mo..

Apple iTunes Music Store's DRM bad for business? - Mp4 Converter July 28,2006

"Steve Jobs and Apple managed to lure the music industry into licensing the copyrights for the iTunes Music Store even though the iTune..

Now Mighty Mouse from Apple is available, Apple Mighty Mouse - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006
Samsung SCH-B500 slider phone with DMB - Mp4 Converter August 1,2006

This black slider from Samsung has Bluetooth, MP3 player, two-megapixel camera and 320x240 display. It's 1.4-inches thick and has the popula..

iTunes kiosk is in work - Mp4 Converter August 1,2006

Australian software and hardware developer, 22Moo, has confirmed it is developing an iTunes kiosk for public places.

The company cal..

MediaGear reveals portable media device HD2Go - Mp4 Converter July 26,2006

MediaGear just unveiled its portable media device HD2Go. The portable media device measures around 5.27 inches by 3.4 inches by 1 inch, whil..

Sonic Impact unveiled T24 iPod speaker system - Mp4 Converter August 1,2006

Sonic Impact has released another speaker system in the form of the T24, and this iPod speaker system is poised to challenge Bose's SoundDoc..

Wi-Fi seen limiting battery life on MS iPod rival - Mp4 Converter July 27,2006

Microsoft's plot to use Wi-Fi capabilities in order to advantage its upcoming digital media player over the iPod could have an adverse effec..

Microsoft Zune gets FCC approval? - Mp4 Converter July 28,2006

Portable video player and game device Microsoft Zune has everyone all atwitter since the Redmondians

iLike targeted at the iPod and MySpace - Mp4 Converter July 28,2006 announced today it has secured its first round of institutional investment, a $2.5 m..

Sony will launch PSP Wi-Fi Spot - Mp4 Converter August 1,2006

It is really good news for PSP users that Sony released PlayStation Spot. This is a network of Wi-Fi hotspot that supplies the following ser..

Pantech PG-6200 boasts fingerprint technology, PG-6200 cellphone - Mp4 Converter August 1,2006

Pantech has released its PG-6200 cellphone, making it one of the first handsets in the world to be equipped with an integrated fingerprint r..

Release date of Microsoft Zune is in the plan - Mp4 Converter August 2,2006

Our Zune tipsters tell us that the Microsoft Zune is going to be launched the week before ..

Portable media player - Boxon from Huynwon - Mp4 Converter August 4,2006

Here's an interesting twist to the portable media player - the Boxon from Huynwon comes with VoIP capabilities, enabling you to hold VoIP co..

Elentec unveiled portable media player Blue Navi, new PMP - Mp4 Converter August 4,2006

 Korea Elentec pulls a new portable digital media player out of its hat, the Blue Navi. The 4.3" full-color display of this PMP en..

iPod life-span was misquoted - Mp4 Converter August 2,2006

Just several days ago we have posted the news, Apple: iPods built to last 4 years. It reported that Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris told th..

Insignia Amigo flash-based MP3 player is PC and Mac compatible - Mp4 Converter August 1,2006

For the anything-but-iPod crowd, there's the Insignia Amigo flash-based MP3 audio player, which looks nice and has some decent features to b..

iTunes gains a game connection - Mp4 Converter August 1,2006

Christian video game developer Left Behind Games plans to integrate links to iTunes song sales within its titles. The move means gamers will..

Now CNN and Cartoon Network contents are available from iTunes - Mp4 Converter August 3,2006

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and Apple Computer today announced that hit programming from CNN, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network is now ava..

Coca-Cola and Apple founded a music partnership in Europe - Mp4 Converter August 4,2006

Coca-Cola and Apple Computer on Wednesday announced a music partnership in Europe that includes major promotions in the UK and Germany and t..

IOPS F5 media player - Mp4 Converter August 2,2006

Miniaturisation is a fine thing - especially when it means music, video, radio and voice recording in a 25mm x 55mm x 13.8mm package, as is ..

VIA announces VX700 chipset for UMPCs -- Mp4 Converter August 3,2006

Hinted at last month by Microsoft, chip maker VIA has officially announced its VX700 chipset for Ultra Mobile PCs (otherwise known as UMPCs,..

iBrella a remote controller for iPod, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter August 2,2006

The iBrella is a conceptual design that turns a simple iPod remote control into a giant rain-deflecting remote that is fully interactive. Th..

Big iPod speakers from Altec Lansing - Mp4 Converter August 4,2006

 More and more iPod speakers appeared in the market. This time debuts a big one Altec Lansing M602. This iPod speaker system features a..

Microsoft planning WiFi-enabled portable media player, working on MVNO for next year -- Mp4 Converter August 4,2006

Ok, by now it's more or less an open secr..

Boombox iPod dock from iLive - Mp4 Converter August 4,2006

This is one hell of a boombox for a decent price. Fire and foremost it has an oh-so-glamorous Apple iPod dock. Also it has a CD player, FM/A..

Biggest high-definition video screen in the world - Mp4 Converter August 2,2006

Imagine watching a football game on this baby. Mitsubishi Electric has built a high-definition video screen based on Mitsubishi's Aurora Vis..

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