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GPS cellphone F2 from d-Media, supports MP3 and MPEG4 - Mp4 Converter July 17,2006

d-Media unveils its new cellphone, GPS cellphone F2 which is just 107mm x 43mm x 15mm.The GPS cellphone F2 features an int..

Apple investigating stock option grant irregularities, which has notified the U.S. SEC - Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

Apple said today that an internal probe had discovered irregularities related to the issuance of stock option grants between 1997 and 2001. ..

Pict Star VP8360-B DMB Storage Device - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

Axes Corp. in Japan announces the new digital media recording viewer and photo storage device, the Pict Star VP8360-B which will only hits t..

Universal Music to Sell CDs at iTMS Prices in Europe - Mp4 Converter July 17,2006

Beginning in September, Universal Music will begin selling CDs for the same prices as their iTunes Music Store (iTMS) counterparts in Europe..

Portable speaker system for iPod nano JLab Audio MiniBlaster, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter July 17,2006

The JLab Audio MiniBlaster for iPod nano is a portable speaker system into which you insert your iPod nano, and out comes some really big so..

Microsoft will use HD video decoder for its Xbox 360- Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

ATI's H.264 HD DVD video decoder will be used by Microsoft to allow its Xbox 360 to play HD DVDs, the two companies announced today.

iPod radio transmitters to become legal in the UK - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

Devices that play music held on iPods over FM radios are

Figurine earphone for iPod, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

Sega Toys have collaborated with Avex Entertainment to produce the Mu-Bot, an accessory for the Apple iPod player. The Mu-Bot's hands act as..

Sanyo Xacti HD1a high-definition compact digital camera boasts video recording - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

 If you like to make home video and want to share it with your friends through video iPod, this is surely good news for you. The high-d..

Official pricing of Nintendo Black DS Lite confirmed - Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

It is good news for Nintendo DS Lite fans that the company finally unveiled the official pricing of the black version of this portable gamin..

Qrio's QT-9 Portable DMB playe - Mp4 Converter July 13,2006

Qrio QT-9 is a small yet cute DMB TV which has just been released in Korea. This portable DMB player is only available in pink and black col..

Ever heard of SupportPlus PMP before? - Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

Off-brand cheap goodness is what this portable digital media player is. Anybody ever heard of SupportPlus portable digital media player befo..

Minimo M2 more than a cellphone - Mp4 Converter July 13,2006

Malaysian company Fifth Media launched the minimo M2, a slim candybar cellphone with a video and audio player inside. This GSM/GPRS handset ..

Sony PS3 will play almost every PS game - Mp4 Converter July 13,2006

Sony's PlayStation 3 will play almost every PlayStation game, a senior IBM staffer has claimed. It's not clear how many PSOne titles won't p..

IPod Thief Gets Taken Down At Apple Store - Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

Here's one from last month that just landed on our desk. A post over at CNet's Apple Blog details

Next-gen iPod gets OLED display? - Mp4 Converter July 17,2006

The next generation iPods aren't even out yet, and there are already rumors of the new iPod using OLED displays in favor of the TFT screen t..

CAVS IPS-11G multimedia player makes iPod an accessory to it - Mp4 Converter July 17,2006

There are lots of accessories for iPod player such as Apple iPod dock, iPod earphone and iPod speaker system. While this time iPod player be..

d-Media GPS navigation device G4 supports MPEG4 video and Bluetooth - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

 d-Media just introduced its new GPS navigation device G4 which get a wide 4-inch display screen and a black design. ..

iPod delay rumors spark NAND flash price war - Mp4 Converter July 17,2006

Rumors that Apple Computer may delay the release of its next-generation iPod nano have caused a 10 percent sequential drop in mainstream NAN..

The launch of Toshiba RD-A1 HD DVD recorder delays - Mp4 Converter July 18,2006

Toshiba has put back the Japanese release of its RD-A1 HD DVD recorder by two weeks, the company said today, in a public apology for having ..

LG's GBW-H10N Blu-ray burner headed to Taiwan - Mp4 Converter July 19,2006

Watch out BenQ, because your fellow manufacturers over at LG also have a 3-in-1 Blu-ray burner poised for release, and not only does it writ..

Minox dives into the media player business with its DMP-3 - Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

 When mentioned Minox you will think of cameras, while this time the company dives into the media player business with its DMP-3. This ..

iTunes video sales top 35 million; Over 150 TV shows offered - Mp4 Converter July 14,2006

Apple said that it has now sold more than 35 million TV shows and videos from the iTunes Music Store. The company also said that iTunes Musi..

Design concept: iPod watch, iWatch - Mp4 Converter July 19,2006

This iPod watch concept, given the name iWatch by its designer, Peter Burns, iWatch combines-you guessed it!-an iPod music player and a wris..

Nvidia may be chip supplier for next-gen video iPod - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

Graphics chip maker Nvidia Corp. has won the major design for Apple Computer's next-generation video iPod product line, according to one Wal..

Thomson announces three DAPs and a PMP for Europe - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

RCA-parent Thomson announced three new MP3 players for the European market today, along with a 30GB PMP called the X3030E, which should look..

iCoustic, the iPod-compatible guitar, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

If there ever was a gadget where third party manufacturers came up with all sorts of silly add-ons for it, the iPod would be in pole positio..

Hitachi's Prius One type S all-in-one PC - Mp4 Converter July 20,2006

Yep, another all-in-one PC in white for ya here. This time, it's Hitachi's Prius One Type S (AW31S1R) PC which brings a 1.6GHz Celeron M 380..

Sony unveiled its first internal Blu-ray disc rewritable drive - Mp4 Converter July 21,2006

Sony has lifted the curtain on its first internal Blu-ray disc rewritable drive in the form of the BWU-100A. This is an aftermarket solution..

Aquadock protects your iPod from shower - Mp4 Converter July 19,2006

Now you don't need a separate MP3 player for those shower karaoke sessions; just slip that iPod music player (or any MP3 player) into the Aq..

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