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IPod Thief Gets Taken Down At Apple Store - Mp4 Converter

Updated July 14,2006

Here's one from last month that just landed on our desk. A post over at CNet's Apple Blog details the account of a blogger who went to the San Francisco Apple Store in search of a shiny new, black MacBook shortly after it was announced. He ended up seeing a bit more than just the stylish, Intel-based goodness of Apple's latest laptop....

    After about 30 minutes of watching many customers happily fork over $1,500 for their black MacBooks, a man strode directly in front of me, stooped down to the floor and appeared to tuck a few boxes of iPod accessories into a coat that was too large and thick for the balmy weather.

    He headed straight for the door, where a white-shirted Apple employee stepped in front of him, while another lined up behind him. When the white shirts removed the boxes from under the man's jacket coat, he attempted to run toward the main drag of Market Street. If the coat had been less bulky and prone to tearing, he probably would have gotten away. But it served as a convenient lasso that four people eventually used to drag him down and haul him back into the store, sight unseen, but likely somewhere close to where those MacBooks were sitting on pallets marked Top Secret.
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