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Instant Handbrake Released Beta Version - Mp4 Converter

Updated April 27,2006

It might be a great news for numerous iPod fans! Handbrake released the beta version of Instant Handbrake, It's said that Instant Handbrake is much more easier to use than ever. As we all know, though Handbrake is a free software but not so easy to operate.

At the time experts spent time on arguing whether it's legal or not to copy DVD to Apple iPod player, your own DVD or rented DVD, let's chat about the newly released Instant Handbrake.

Instant HandBrake, on the other hand, is a breeze to use. Although it’s clearly still in beta form, it’s already miles ahead of HandBrake on ease of use. Once you stick in a DVD and launch Instant HandBrake, the program automatically figures out which tracks you’re most likely to want to extract (i.e., the long ones). You choose your target device (the program supports not only Apple iPod player, but Sony PlayStation Portable as well), choose whether you want it to crop your movies or keep them in widescreen format, pick an audio track and (optionally) a subtitle track, and press Convert.

Of course, encoding video is a whole lot more difficult than encoding MP3s, so you ’ll need to wait quite a while before Instant HandBrake finishes its work. (I often will leave the computer running overnight to convert a DVD full of TV show episodes.)

And from here you can download it for free.

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