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Archos Update Gmini-500 to 80GB Storage Capacity - Mp4 Converter

Updated April 26,2006

We actually don't know when this does come true, but we know of an 80GB version of Archos Gmini-500 the official website only lists 30 & 40GB editions of the stconverted-down AV500 (no video recording supported, pretty much the same form factor & screen).

A French retailer begs to differ, seeing as how it's offering the 80GB version of Archos Gmini-500 at a price of some 499 Euro ("Special online offer"). You'll have to see things in perspective to calculate the estimated price over at your own place, of course - the same webshop lists the regular 40GB edition as costing 399 Euro. Also pretty interesting: the 30GB AV500 is as expensive as the 80GB Gmini-500 over there; the 60 & 100GB AV500s require us to shell out 599 and 699 Euros.

Hm. The Gmini-500 just became a bit more interesting - 80GB stores a lot of movies. I recently saw one of these things (30/40GB) on offer over at some major retailer in Holland (only 299 Euro if memory serves me right). Slowly but surely, Archos has got to come up with something new in the multimedia segment, though. The crowd's yearning for the Archos AV600 series already.

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