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SightSpeed 5.0 advanced Video Codec unveiled -- Mp4 Converter

Updated July 28,2006

SightSpeed 5.0 rolls out tonight, and it's bringing 30fps IP video calls that are reportedly jaw-dropping. The software SightSpeed 5.0 and web-based service gives you low latency and high resolution, using its mysterious, unspecified Advanced SightSpeed Video Codec for webcam calls and Slingbox-like video viewing without the Slingbox. There's more than just video, too, where SightSpeed takes a potshot at Skype by letting you call out to regular PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) telephones and receive calls from them as well.

Check out PC Magazine's enthusiastic take on the service, even though columnist David Janowski was looking at an early beta. It looks like SightSpeed has found a hole in the Skype armor, bringing high-quality video to Web conferencing at long last. Might be worth a look. – Charlie White

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