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PSP download service is coming along with PS3 - Mp4 Converter October 8,2006

Here is a piece of exciting news about Sony PSP. Sony PSP download service is coming along with PlayStation 3. With the he..

GizMac released its colorful aluminum iPod case for iPod nano, iPod accessory - Mp4 Converter October 6,2006

GizMac announced the immediate availability of its Titan anodized aluminum iPod case for the Apple iPod nano player on Wednesday. The Titan ..

Sumvision unveils its new Wiki Pro media player - Mp4 Converter October 7,2006

Sumvision's new Wiki Pro media player stands out from the Chinese DAP crowd because it seems to be directly available only in the UK. Sporti..

QDOS Genesis iPod speaker system - Mp4 Converter October 11,2006

Take the QDOS Genesis vivre en musique portable speaker out into the world, and you'll be carrying 360-degree surround sound wherever you go..

Make a screensaver for your iPod - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

 Rocking Linux on your iPod and hacking the firmware to change the on-screen graphics are certainly nifty tweaks to distinguish your ot..

Sony released DL DVD recorder - Mp4 Converter October 10,2006

 When not busy totally messing up the launch of the PS3, Sony devotes some time to releasing some decent electronics, like their latest..

Creative announced the release of 8GB Zen V Plus MP3 player - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

 Creative just updated the capability of its portable music player Zen V Plus to 8GB. Now we think the Creative Zen V Plus MP3 audio pl..

Epson P-5000 a combination of portable photo viewer and PMP - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

We just introduced Canon portable digital photo viewers. Now it is Epson's turn. This Epson P-5000 is a combination of portable digital phot..

Coby's new portable media player PMP4320 - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

 The folks at CNET recently got a chance to look at a pre-production unit of Coby's new PMP4320 portable digital media player and, whil..

Toshiba rolled out its next HD DVD player at CEATEC in Japan - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

Toshiba rolled out a prototype of its next HD DVD player at CEATEC in Japan, and from the looks of it, it's about half the height of Toshiba..

Elecom made wooden iPod dock for you - Mp4 Converter October 12,2006

It's been a good 15 minutes since the last Apple iPod dock came out, so we're long overdue for a new one. This time, however, at least Eleco..

Black version of Tuvoli iPod dock - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

This tip about the future Tuvoli iPod dock/speaker set looks exactly like the old one, except we think this one's black. Is the black iPod d..

The most expensive MP3 player TrekStor i.Beat - Mp4 Converter October 10,2006

Talk about sinfully extravagant. The TrekStor i.Beat MP3 player is now available in gold. You can pick it up from Amazon for a jaw dropping ..

Sirius Stiletto 100 portable music player has Wi-Fi support - Mp4 Converter October 8,2006

 In the past there are many rumors about satellite radio company Sirius's new portable music player. Now this portable music player eme..

Will wireless video iPod come from Apple? - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

 When it comes to Apple's product roadmap, to say there's an enormous amount of buzz and milling of rumors is a ridiculous understateme..

Apple changes the name of iTunes Music Store into iTunes Store - Mp4 Converter October 11,2006

Apple has renamed its iTunes Music Store. Meanwhile, some of the software technology used in iTunes 7 was developed outside of the company. ..

Sony Ericsson unveils its Digital Video Broadcast handheld Adriana - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

Sony Ericsson has a prototype of its first Digital Video Broadcast handheld called Adriana which is capable of playing videos and digital TV..

Thinner MP3 player Safa SS110F - Mp4 Converter October 10,2006

 The Safa SS110F MP3 player was released a wee bit too late to beat the iPod nano as one of the thinnest MP3 players available in the m..

Opera was selected to support Archos 604 Wi-Fi - Mp4 Converter October 9,2006

It was only late last month when Archos rolled out its new wide-screen portable media players, the Archos 404 and 604. Now, Norway's Opera S..

Starbucks Hear Music catalog will be available on the iTunes Store - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

Starbucks and Apple Comptuer on Thursday announced the availability of the Starbucks Hear Music catalog on the iTunes Store, giving iTunes u..

Creative has updated its Zen Vision PMP, portable media player - Mp4 Converter October 1,2006

Creative has updated its Zen Vision:M digital MP3 music player and Zen Vision video device, at least in the company's native Singapore. Both..

KNC HR-2800 portable media player - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

KNC just released its HR-28 portable media player in China. This portable media player features 3.6-inch TFT, built-in speakers, 1.3-megapix..

iJet remote control for your iPod - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

 With the abundance of Apple iPod docks available in the market, you would be pretty convinced that the Apple iPod player has taken ove..

Pandigital digital photo frame can playback video - Mp4 Converter October 18,2006

This digital photo frame may bring some surprise to you. The Pandigital photo frame even supports multimedia playing. The ..

Picture of Cowon P5 portable media player - Mp4 Converter October 15,2006

The first pictures of Cowon's upcoming P5 portable media player have hit the Web. (For some reason, Cowon has decided to go with a male mode..

iSkin released SiLo case for 1G iPod nano - Mp4 Converter October 13,2006

Nobody told iSkin that Apple stopped making the first generation iPod nano so they've come out with the SiLo iPod case, a fancy case for sai..

Two-screen in-car DVD player comes from Mustek - Mp4 Converter October 15,2006

Mustek just released two-screen in-car DVD player which offers one more screen for the passengers. This two-screen in-car DVD player is name..

The Prosumer Wolverine ESP portable media player - Mp4 Converter October 16,2006

First off, where does Wolverine get off inventing their own words? Prosumer is just a fancy combination of professional and consumer. This P..

Portable media player Ainol V100 - Mp4 Converter October 19,2006

The Ainol V100 isn't just an MP3 and video player with a gorgeous 2.5-inch QVGA screen, it emulates old school NES and Sega games as well. I..

Wall Street Journal reviews the latest iPods and iTunes - Mp4 Converter October 16,2006

 The Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg and his colleague Katherine Boehret have been testing the latest iPods and iTunes for a few ..

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