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iPod speaker system SpeckTone Retro - Mp4 Converter

Updated November 8,2006

iPod stereo speaker systems are dime a dozen, but how many of them actually look good? The SpeckTone Retro is a top-loading iPod stereo speaker system for the iPod music player that boasts a retro look which strangely enough, is modern enough to take its place in any self-respecting living room. Features include 28 watts of output, a 4" subwoofer, a couple of 3" drivers, and a 1/8? mini plug auxiliary input. The SpeckTone Retro iPod stereo speaker system is compatible with 4G iPod player, 5G iPod player, iPod nano player and iPod mini player. Amazon is currently carrying the SpeckTone Retro for $84.99 a pop. Choose from black, white, and green finishes.

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