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TuneStage for iPod nano is canned - Mp4 Converter

Updated August 21,2006

No really, this sucks. The TuneStage looked promising. If you recall, we first told you about the TuneStage back in June. This Bluetooth streaming audio adapter was slated for a summer release, and we are sad to say that the product has been canned. The news isn't completely bad, though.

A representative told Bluetomorrow that Belkin will continue work on a replacement Bluetooth streaming audio adapter and it should be ready for a fall release. The TuneStage II will support both the video iPod and iPod nano. Given that information, one would think it will support any iPod with the dock adapter. We'll keep you posted with more information on the TuneStage Dos Bluetooth streaming audio adapter as it comes in.


Speaking of Belkin and iPod nanos, you hear that we have a bitchin' contest going on right now? – Travis Hudson

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