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iPod Content edges into Blu-Ray Discs - Mp4 Converter

Updated May 6,2006

The successor of plasma and LCD flatscreen televisions is improved continually with coming-down price. For this reason more and more families could afford for high-definition televisions. Although HD network and cable broadcasts supply with many megapixel eyecandy, there still hasn't been any high-definition devices for watching stored content(please don't count DVD video). Now the situation is changing as you read this article.

Two HD storage formats are launching in the market as main rival:Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD-DVD.Because of the lower price of forthcoming Playstation 3, the BD player ,compared with other products, we guess that Sony's Blu-Ray Disc may win the upper hand. Furthermore Apple and Disney are supporting the format along with other companies.

Informed the background clearly, we are glad to know that Apple have decided to have the iPod-formatted video content included in the main content ,Blu-ray discs ,to offer an effort to studios. This information came from innominate film industry insiders. There should be no problem that capacity for such additional content with about 50GB storage per disc.

It is unknown what resolution the iPod-formatted video would have, but said that it would launch a widescreen "video iPod" around the end of the year. We are likely to see video at resolutions somewhat higher than the 5G's 320x240 screen. While it is clear that: with Disney having just obtained Pixar and Steve Jobs on the Disney board,Apple seems in a prime position to slips into such an arrangement with studios using this new high-definition medium.

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