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700 TV model from Archos is coming -- Mp4 Converter

Updated July 11,2006

A month after launch of its 404,504 and 604 portable players, Archos unveil its forthcoming 700 TV model. It is a pretty portable player which enables over-the-air digital television using the Freeview format. The 700 TV model features a 4.3-inch screen, WiFi, GPS and a cellular modem. From the displayed picture we can also see four antennas sticking out the back of the portable player which are not harmonious with the good-looking player.

Along with the 700 TV model, there are some interesting devices. One of them is a digital video docking station, into which you can place this portable player and get MPEG-4 TV recorder. This video docking station can also record from a satellite-based PVR-equipped set-top box. While these are just some information about these device from Archos and the products aren't available now.

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