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Hasbro introduces Mini Media Player - Mp4 Converter

Updated November 8,2006

Hasbro just produced new Massively Mini Media Player for those kids who think that iPod music player does not suit them while the Mickey Mouse MP3 audio player is a little goofy for them. The Mini Media Player has a 1.1-inch touchscreen OLED screen, FM tuner, JPG photo viewer and 128MB of built-in memory. This digital MP3 audio player supports AVI and WMV video playback, MP3 and WMA audio files playback. There is no memory card slot to enlarge the capacity, therefore the small capacity and screen size is the drawback of this digital MP3 audio player. The Mini Media Player is available in pink, silver and green colors with pricing $70. If your kid doesn't care for the capacity, get one for it.

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