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Samsung Wins the Deal of iPod Chips - Mp4 Converter

Updated April 26,2006

It's revealed by one of Samsung's executives that Samsung company had awarded the contract to supply chip processors for next generation iPod. Jon Kang, Samsung's senior VP for the technical marketing group, said during a presentation at the SEMI Strategic Business Conference, "I knew that we would win this design, We won the design with the iPod."Kang referred to the company’s chip as a “PortalPlayer killer” and said that Samsung, which already produces NAND flash-memory chips for the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, has been working with Apple for a long time. “It’s a huge win for us,” he said.

Simultaneously, Apple Computer has yet to comment on plans for the next-gen iPod nanos, which are expected to offerincreased capacity, and may be less prone to at-home engraving than current models.


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