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High iPod sales booms iPod repair industry - Mp4 Converter

Updated September 20,2006

With Apple projected to sell 40 million Apple iPod players this year, some of them are bound to break. That's where people like Mike Fuerstenberg come in. He makes a living repairing Apple iPod players out of a small shop in Manhattan, according to a news report at American Public Media.

Mr. Fuerstenberg relates: "A lot of Apple iPod players are chewed up by dogs. Then I had iPod Nano players that fell into teacups, which is sort of drastic. I've had some of them that were run over by cars and completely smashed."

A customer interviewed for the story noted that Apple wanted to charge him US$300 for an iPod player he dropped and broke, causing him to go to Mr. Fuerstenberg, who did the work cheaper.

Of course, the question remains: Is it cheaper to repair a broken iPod or simply buy a new iPod player?'s own Bryan Chaffin told reporter Adam Allington: "The question of Apple iPod players cost to durability ratio is a subjective one. Certainly Apple has had a couple of hiccups along the way with things like battery life, but by and large customers are saying with a resounding "yes" that iPod player is worth the price and please give me more."

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