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Dcube Mvision introduced an HD DivX player - Mp4 Converter

Updated October 31,2006

Bypass the Blu-ray and HD DVD "revolution" altogether with the Dcube Mvision, an HD DivX player that can also play converted DVD files from its hard disk. This HD DivX player plays back DivX, OGG, WMA, WMV and MP3 files from its internal hard disk, and sends Dolby 5.1 sound through optical and coaxial ports, too.

So where would you get the HD files for this thing? That's up to you, but we've heard of a little thing called BitTorrent that might be able to help. Grab those HD files from the Interwebs on your PC and transfer them to this unit via that LAN port in the back. There's everything you need back there, well, except an HDMI port, but you can use a DVI-to-HDMI adapter for that, and hook this up to your HDTV.

This is the way HDTV will be viewed in the future, not with physical media. If Dcube could just manage to bring its ambitious little Mvision HD DivX player to these shores, we'll be all set. No pricing or delivery date was announced yet, but this is just the first of many units of this type. - Charlie White

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