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BBC plans digital radio device for iPod music player- Mp4 Converter

Updated August 29,2006

"The BBC is to develop a plug-in device that turns MP3 players into digital radios," The Scotsman reports.

"While the BBC refused to name its potential partners, Apple, maker of the iPod music player, is understood to be one," The Scotsman reports. "The device would be a small tube containing a DAB [Digital Audio Broadcasting] digital radio chip that clips on to an MP3 player. Users of the iPod music player already use tiny bolt-on transmitters, such as the iTrip, to play their MP3 collections through car radios."

"BBC officials stressed last night that talks were in their early stages. However, the corporation believes part of its public service mission is to make digital radio as available as possible," The Scotsman reports."Simon Nelson, controller of radio and music interactive at the BBC, said: "We need to ensure there are devices that can enable people to listen to radio - especially on something they already carry around.'

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Nelson, in a report in Broadcast magazine (via DTG News), "We are aware that the iPod makes up a significant proportion of the MP3 player market and it doesn't have a DAB chip. It's very early stages, but we would like to enable everyone in the UK to listen digitally. We need to ensure there are devices available to enable people to listen to radio—especially on something that they already carry around. The problem in Europe is that radio is regarded as old-fashioned. Part of our job is to go to these manufacturers and explain that the situation in the UK is very different. We want to encourage manufacturers to use the UK as a beachhead. No one we've spoken to has told us that this is a barmy idea or that it is not going to work."

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