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Display Problems Caused the Delay of

Updated April 13,2006

I bet that majority of iPod fans must become impatient, because for a long time they have got rare news about the true video iPod. But ThinkSecret did't disappoint us.

It is reported according to ThinkSecret that, Apple was going to release the widescreen video iPod in time for the company's 30th birthday this month, but was delayed caused by "true video iPod" display problems and negotiations with movie studios. ThinkSecret disclaims that Apple is going to commit a touchscreen controller including a "virtural track wheel", but actually it seems not so easy for Apple's display manufacturer. Meanwhile Apple is reportedly having a hard time negotiating content deals with movie studios. Apple wants to stick with the iTunes model of selling individual flicks, while the studios are looking for a MusicNet-style subscription service. Until present now they haven't worked out a result.

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