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How to: Converter iPod Video for Windows PC? Part 2 - Mp4 Converter

Updated September 7,2007

Merging .VOB Files After Ripping

Let's say you've converted a bunch of individual episodes from a series using one of the last two optional steps, but don't want to have them sitting on your iPod as separate files. This is where VOBMerge comes in. It will join all of the .VOBs together into one large movie that can be opened once and watched in its entirety.

Step 1. Download and install VOBMerge, then load the program.

Step 2. Click the Add File button on the right side of the VOBMerge window.

Step 3. Locate your .VOB files, which if you followed the directions above will be in a folder called DVD Files.

Step 4. Highlight only the .VOB files.

Step 5. Click Choose.

Step 6. Once the .VOB files are showing in the window, you'll note that the last file is at the top instead of at the bottom of the list. Highlight the top file and then use the arrow keys on the left hand pane to move the file to the bottom of the list. Make sure the numbers are in sequential order.

Step 7. The Settings section can be left on the default settings, without changes.

Step 8. For the last step, click on the Start button. A window will open for you to pick the destination of the output file; you can have it output to the same DVD Files folder, or a new one. Go to the File line at the bottom of this window, and type the title you want the combined movie to have. Then click OK to start the merging process. Wait until it is finished, and the single file will be ready for converting.

What's Next?

At this point, you're half of the way through the video-to-iPod conversion process, concluding with a .VOB format file that needs to be converted into an iPod-readable MPEG-4 or H.264/AVC file. In Part 3 of this Guidel, you'll learn how complete the DVD to iPod conversion process, and transfer the file to your iPod for viewing.

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