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Discussion of Mac OS--- PC, Advantages, Issues

Apr 16, 2015 Posted by Monica Wurina to Tips


Discussion of Mac OS--- PC, Advantages, Issues


The difference between a Mac and a pc:

-Mac is made my apple, a pc is made by any other computer company
-Maces come in two colors, a pc can come in any color
-Maces are usually one piece aluminum, a pc is usually plastic
-you can try to open a Mac to upgrade ram but it’s not the easiest thing to do, a pc can be a DYI computer, just the way you like it

I think it is wrong to make Mac=os x, and pc=windows
because a Mac can run Linux, windows or os x
and a pc can run Linux, windows, or os x***

The advantages of Mac

1) Macs can run both Mac OS X and Windows. It isn't the other way around. Not easily, and certainly not legally.

2)Apple manufactures both the hardware and the OS. That means every component is made to work. Microsoft only develops the OS; it has to be "shoe-horned" into every PC that third-party vendors build. That means potential driver conflicts, multi-party upgrades, and compatibility problems.
4) Cost. Many people argue that Macs cost more. I say this is false economy; you just pay more up front for a Mac. But since Macs include just about everything you need for computing, you don't need to pay to add Office software, more memory, and so on.

5) The Mac OS is built on UNIX. If you want to, you can install Apple's free X Windows (an alternate graphical user interface, common to the UNIX world), download and run thousands of UNIX programs in addition to the thousands of Mac-native programs.

Common OS X issues, solutions.

All of your windows have strange black lines around them - the computer may be talking to you as well

You've come back to your computer to find that black boxes surround all of the active windows that you are using. This may also be accompanied by the name of the windows or applications being spoken to you.

You or someone else has turned on Voice Over in the system preferences or you accidentally pressed the keyboard shortcut to turn it on.

Go into System Preferences > Accessibility and select the off radio button next to Voice Over.

All of your settings have gone back to their defaults!

You've restarted the computer or logged in & out and now all of your settings have been reset to defaults.

You or something else has probably renamed the short name of your home folder. Now you’re short username and home folder name don't match, so OS X has made a new home folder because it couldn't find the old one.

To resolve the issue, you first need to move the home folder that OS X created to the trash. Now we need to rename the old home folder (the one that has the new name) back to the old name. If you log out and log back in again, everything should be back as it was.

One of the icons in System Preferences has disappeared or been replaced by something else

You open System Preferences to find the icon of a preference pane missing, corrupt or incorrect.

This is usually caused by a cache that has become corrupt. We need to delete it so that OS X can re-create the proper icon.

The cache files we need to delete is and
These files are located in /*your home folder*/Library/Caches/
Move them to the trash, logout and back in and the problem should be fixed.

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