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How to: Put DVD to Your PMP Using Freeware? convert DVD to MP4 with freeware - Mp4 Converter

Updated September 7,2007

How do you put DVDs on your PMP?

Well, I believe many friends have been using commecial solutions, to convert DVDs to .mp4 files, through which we could watch on our PMPs, like iPod, PSP, or others. But someday I found a free software quite convenient for use, better still it's completely free. You are right, it is a freeware. Hey, so I want to share with you guys.

Before we start, you need to download below two softwares:

DVDFab Decrypter2.9.7.7, this is used to remove any protections on DVD, in this way we can successfully copy DVD.

3GP Converter v0.34 ,this converter dedicates most to our convert process. It's developed by Japanese software developer, but luckily they have English language in it.

Step 1 Copy DVD

Take care because we all know this process is unlegal, first download DVDFab Decrypter2.9.7.7, install it. Then you will see below interface. Choose "Source" and "Target" as I do, E:[DVD_VIDEO] is the folder where your video files exist on DVD. Target is the address you want to save video files. After these two selectes, click "Start" menu on the bottom.DVDFab Decrypter will start the copy process to copy DVD.

DVDFab Decrypter

Step 2 Convert DVD

This step is the most important step, we need to do several things.First download 3GP Converter v0.34, this is a zipped file,so firstly you need to extract it, then you will see many folders, one file of which is named Setup.exe, double click it.

3GP Converter

On the above part, we see many choices here. 3GP Converter is not only for mobile phones, but also we can use it to convert DVD for our PMPs. Here I take PSP as example, so we choose "Model: MP4, for PSP". Then click "Apply", another window will turns up.

3GP Converter

This is the screenshot of 3GP Converter. Now we can truly start our converting. Firstly drag our video files to the blank area, then click arrow key, there are many choices for you(See picture below). Select one, then click "Browse", choose the destination folder where you want to save your .mp4 files. Then automatically the converting process will start. See the progress tab in the below picture. After it finished 100%, you can enjoy your favorite movies.

3GP Converter

Similarly, you can use this method to put DVD to other PMPs or smartphones, not only for PSP or iPod. Thanks to this software's multi-functions, we can widely use it only if we choose other tools besides PSP. Dude, see? Give it a spin by yourself, you can really enjoy from the process.

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