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Nero Digital/Recode2 DVD to MP4 GuideDoom's MP4 Guide - Mp4 Converter

Updated September 7,2007

Updated June 30,2006While the solution is certainly powerful, there are some drawbacks you should consider: There are many DVD players that can handle MPEG-4 ASP video, but only two that can handle NeroDigital as a whole (and even then only NeroDigital ASP, the AVC codec is not at all supported at the moment this guide is written). And while you could use just the ASP codec, Recode's output is MP4 and there are very few players that can handle this currently. Furthermore, hardly any standalone player can handle AAC audio. And even when you play it on the computer, you only get subtitles and chapters if you use the official Nero Media Player called Showtime. Also, there is currently no tool to edit MP4 files (cut, join).

You'll need the following software for this guide:

DVD Decrypter & Daemon Tools or an on-the-fly decryption driver like AnyDVD or DVD Region-Free
Nero Recode 2.2
ImgTool & DVD Decrypter or a commercial DVD burning program (if you prefer not to burn using Nero Recode)

Step 0: First time setup

You'll only have to perform this step once. First time setup involves setting many parameters which then help to make subsequent DVD backup projects a lot easier.

Step 1: Converting the DVD

As Recode does not support encrypted DVD content, you have to convert the DVD to your harddisk first. If you have AnyDVD or DVD Region-free installed, you do not have to perform this step as they allow Recode to convert and encode on the fly.

Step 2: Backup DVD

In the startup screen you have 5 options to choose from:

neroThe first three options are about DVD to DVD backups and do not concern us. Recode DVDs and Videos to NeroDigital allows you to process multiple sources, from DVD or otherwise, and compress them to one of the NeroDigital codecs. Recode Main Movie allows you to copy the main movie of a DVD and put it into NeroDigital format.

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